Many things will change in 2016

In 2016, things will really change, because bloggers and webmasters will have to completely reorient themselves. On the one hand there will be the new techniques, which are of enormous importance in the current year, on the other hand there will be shifted circumstances of the known. The things "as always" 2016 will probably not take anyone very far in 2016, it is not possible to simply look the other way; those who want to move forward must act. So I have picked out a few important points that I think will be extremely important in 2016 or are already very important and will become even more important. We will now find out together what these are.

Perfect performance becomes the standard
I am known to be Performance fanatics and there's a reason for that. I noticed very early on that users don't wait and that this comment is not just an empty phrase from optimizers, but a fact. If a website loads too long, 20 to 50 percent of potential visitors are immediately gone. At that time already, today the DAU (stupidest user to assume) might be much more impatient.
Meanwhile, performance is also an official ranking factor of Google and especially in times of slow smartphone tariffs, more important than ever before. But in 2016, performance will definitely become a required standard. If in 2015 many pages still allowed themselves to be fat and bloated, in 2016 it will be reduced to a bare minimum. Now perfect loading time is simply a basic requirement, nobody can afford bad technology or overloaded code anymore. The same applies to the WordPress image optimizationwhich is the last link in the chain to improve performance and is also no longer considered optional, but simply a must-have.
Also HTTP/2 is actually implemented by many hosters this year and this again changes pretty much everything what was previously considered performance optimization. New rules, new types of optimization and a rethink, these are the things that will be important in 2016 and must not be neglected under any circumstances. Being fast is no longer an advantage, optimization now means going much deeper into detail.
Mobile First takes the lead
Personally, I have long been against mobile blogs and websites and I am still not a friend of them. As a desktop user, who likes to sit at his desk and surf in a targeted manner, the behaviour of mobile users is strange and above all unknown to me. In 2016, however, no one will be able to close their eyes, even if they are as sceptical as I am. Mobile traffic is gigantic, companies like Facebook earn their money mainly with smartphone traffic and Responsive Web Design was just the beginning.
Now it is time to keep an eye on Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. The latter in particular could, if it becomes established, bring about an enormous change in the topic. A Google AMP WordPress Plugin, which works automatically and does not require any extra work, is already in development. I am curious, even if not necessarily impressed. 2016 is the year, where all switches should be set to Mobile First. Also because AdBlocker is installed on almost every desktop (at least in Germany), but not on every mobile phone (not yet). Furthermore, it can be assumed that Google will prefer its own idea of AMP HTML in the rankings. From February 2016 on, AMP should be included in search results in any case. Whatever that may mean at Google again. In 2016 Mobile First is announced in any case.
Independence from Google becomes essential
A few years ago, it didn't matter much whether a blogger was dependent on Google or not. Most of them were anyway and Google delivered honest, hassle-free traffic to them. As long as there was no threat of punishment, which was rare in those days, no one had to worry about anything. Back then. In the meantime, however, Google plays around with updates too often, presents seemingly arbitrary changes and tests, changes existing ones and a penalty (because of some link) I also acted on once.
The problem is then: If you are dependent on Google traffic, you can virtually shut down your blog afterwards. Even if the punishment is reversed, blogs often have difficulty recovering and you're practically out of business with Google. But a much bigger problem is that Google is moving more and more in the direction of a reply engine. For Google it is becoming more and more important to keep users on their own website or to get them back as soon as possible instead of redirecting them to a blog and losing them.
More and more direct answers instead of useful results and more and more arbitrary rankings instead of comprehensible sorting led me to turn my back on Google about three years ago. Or rather: I started to do so at that time. As you can imagine, it is not so easy to become more independent, especially since there are no real Google alternatives in Germany. But that has changed a bit recently. anonymous search engines like DuckDuckGo are more and more successful and even grow, Yandex is also expanding enormously into other markets and the social networks with shares etc. are making sure that not all users are coming from Google anymore. In 2016, I think it will be important for bloggers to increasingly find alternative sources for their traffic.
With Google it will be over soon (at least in this respect), I'm sure. The goal for your own blog are direct calls, the retention of readers with good content and consistency, as well as as as many shares as possible to gain traffic, but above all new regular readers. You can't rely on Google anymore, at least in most topics. The more independent you make your blog today, the less problems you will have tomorrow.

Good luck with your blogs

The three points above have now, I admit it, become a little longer than expected. But this is mainly because I really consider the three points for the year 2016 to be extremely important and I wanted to break down and explain my thoughts on them accordingly so that misunderstandings do not arise again. In any case, nobody can afford to dream any more this year and those who don't grow up or become taller will certainly go under soon. The times of small blogs that don't have to care about anything and still rank well etc. are completely over and optimization (not only in terms of performance) is becoming more important than ever due to smartphones. I wish you and your blog a lot of success and hope you reach your goal and stay on the ball.

Have I forgotten another important point, or do you disagree? Write a comment and let me know.

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