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Tips and tricks from real professionals

If you are active as a blogger on the Internet, you often have to do everything yourself. Technology, content, maintenance, security and future planning. This is anything but easy and a blogger is usually very grateful for certain tips and tricks. How good it is that there are experts on the web who like to share their knowledge with others. These experts are either real WordPress celebrities, or they are known because they have a lot of professional or insider knowledge of certain topics. Following these experts is important. Why? Because nobody is infallible. Because certain things only happen in certain situations. Because certain knowledge is not available everywhere.

For example, many WordPress celebrities share unique code hints, provide ingenious plugins, explain optimization possibilities or are particularly knowledgeable about servers or web business in general. To follow them often means to have a knowledge advantage and above all to stay up to date. By the way, it is not about copying their ways or ideas, but to internalize their tips and learn from their mistakes. Because if you are a man who wants to be the greatest, you are guaranteed and hopefully you will fail.

Matt Mullenweg

Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg not only invented WordPress, he is still actively involved as a lead developer, taking care of the core, the core of the whole thing. He also founded Automattica company that provides services for WordPress. For example, the VIP hostingthe plugins Akismet, Gravatar, Jetpack and the platform WordPress.com. There is a lot of criticism of his person and again and again, nevertheless he is probably simply a personality that bloggers should know, no probably even have to know.

website: ma.tt | Twitter: @photomatt

Andrew Nacin

Andrew NacinAndrew Nacin is not only one of the leading developers for WordPress, but also always has valuable tips and hints for the CMS at hand, which he likes to share and discuss with the community. He also works for the Digital Service of the White House, which certainly arouses a certain interest. All in all an experienced WordPress professional, worth following and whose name should be a household name.

website: nacin.com Twitter: @nacin

Patrick Sexton

Patrick SextonHe created then GetListed.org and turned out to be a rather radical or rather interesting SEO and performance expert. Especially with his tools on Varvy.com he now makes sure that all bloggers and webmasters can easily adapt their blogs to the Google guidelines. There are a lot of tips and tricks and he also knows how to share interesting things on his profiles.

Google+: PatrickSexton Twitter: @PatrickSexton

Lara Hogan

Lara HoganWith Lara Hogan I have added a very creative performance artist to the list. The good one takes care as Senior Engineering Manager at Etsy the right technique and has the book Designing for Performance a guide for intelligent and performance-oriented design, with all kinds of useful tips and many hints.

website: larahogan.me Twitter: @lara_hogan

Peer Wandiger

Peer WandigerNot only do I enjoy working with Peer Wandiger, I have also been reading his articles for a long time now. At Blog project there are always a few interesting posts from him and me on blogging and on self-employment on the net he blogs himself about the, who would have thought it, digital self-employment. In the German-speaking world his blogs are very unique, in my opinion, and whoever is self-employed or wants to optimize his blog, can't avoid his pages. They are definitely worth a look and every web worker benefits from his knowledge.

website: independent on the net.de Twitter: @self-employed

David Walsh

David WalshDavid Walsh has done many interesting tests, especially in the past, and has always shared his results and insights. Meanwhile there are only rarely good tips from his side (at least in my eyes). Nevertheless, as a web worker you should be aware of the doing and creating of Mozilla's Sr. Web Developer so as not to miss anything.

website: davidwalsh.name Twitter: @davidwalshblog

Chris Coyier

Chris CoyierChris Coyier most of you will become most of the time through the project CSS tricks know. There he proves again and again that he is an artist of truly intelligent CSS code. That in turn makes him highly interesting, because there he focuses on current trends and implementations with CSS. So if you are interested in "thoughtful styling" wants to stay on top of this, follow him.

website: chriscoyier.net Twitter: @chriscoyier

Jeff Starr

Jeff StarrJeff Starr is an old hand in WordPress development. He is very active and experienced in the area of firewalls, knows a lot about .htaccess and wrote a own guide. But he might be better known by the 5G or 6G Firewall for WordPress or for the Security Plugin BBQwhich it is now also known as Premium version there. If you are looking for concentrated knowledge in WordPress and security, follow Jeff Starr.

website: perishablepress.com Twitter: @perishable

Everyone is well advised with this list

So there they were, my 8 celebrities, who I consider absolute experts in their field. Surely the list is incomplete, surely there is someone here and there who would be worth following, but that is always the case. Nothing is perfect. Nevertheless, with the list above, everyone is well advised, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced or already a professional. From the developers and web workers on this list, everyone will learn something if you really follow the individual careers and jobs. I am sure of it. But now keep blogging, because without your own efforts you won't be successful. After all, you want to be on such a list yourself, don't you?

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