Show advertising after the first post in the loop

Have you ever tried to display a banner or any other kind of advertisement after the first post in the index.php or loop? If so, then you have probably already come across these cumbersome loop counters where you have to change the code so that the posts are counted individually from now on, or so that each post gets its own ID. This is of course a rather complicated and unnecessary, especially since it lengthens the loop, integrates code, and is bad for performance. WordPress also allows you to integrate your own code after the first post, including a banner, AdSense ads, and all kinds of other ads. How? Well with a simple snippet.

Insert the following snippet before the of your loop:


Integrate your own code after the first post

The snippet on top is very simple, simple flat, and therefore easy to integrate even for beginners. Insert your own advertising core between the lines, but it can also be text. Or maybe you want to present certain content prominently below the first post, or draw attention to a competition, it doesn't always have to be advertising. Either way, the code is quite simple and easy, quickly inserted and just as effective. It doesn't affect the performance and does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is to display advertising below the first post in the WordPress Loop. There the attention is known to be very high, the advertisement is directly in the field of vision and is clicked accordingly often. Try it out.

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