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Server test with Alo

Keeping an eye on your own server is a core element of performance optimization. No matter how well you optimize your WordPress Blog, if the server is always weak, it doesn't help much, you need more power, or something is wrong with the configuration. Now there are many small tools and commands to test the server accordingly, list details and display them clearly. This is all well and good, but no solution I like as much as Alo. The small script is based on a chinese code fragment, which is not supported by the developer anymore. A resourceful WordPress developer tinkered with updates, recently made the little script PHP 7 Ready and now published it officially and freely available under the GPL license.

A light in the dark

"Alo" means translated "Light" and that is exactly what the server test is, a light in the dark if you like. The minimal script lists all functions and features of the server, presents live statistics on the utilization and allows some simple performance tests, directly from the overview. I especially like the fact that Alo bundles everything in a simple way and presents it clearly.

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The relatively simple script Alo, lists all relevant data and even allows small server tests and simple monitoring.

Especially the live statistics of the server, such as CPU usage, RAM consumption and much more are quite valuable for testing. A very useful way to keep an eye on software, hardware, PHP and database without having to take long detours.

Free of charge and minimal

As already mentioned, Alo is available completely free of charge. It is also just a small script, which you can use via GitHub can download. Afterwards simply copy the alo.php to your own server and call it up. The details of your server will be listed clearly and displayed with extended information. If you want to leave the file on the server for continuous analysis etc., you should rename it. Just enter a few characters at random and create a bookmark for it in your browser. That way, strangers will not be able to find and access it, but you can keep an eye on it yourself. Finally, Alo is really practical and can do a lot. Not necessarily more than other tools, but much simpler and more minimalistic. A Live demo so you can see in advance what to expect.

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