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My name is Christian and I am co-founder of the platform fastWP. Here in the magazine I am responsible for the more "technical" topics but I also like to write about SEO, which has been my passion for over 10 years now.

E-mail: c.pust@seofoxx.de

These are the 10 best table plugins for WordPress

By Christian | 11 November 2020

Presenting data in a structured and stylish way - of course, this is also possible with WordPress. By nature the means are very limited, but with the help of a suitable extension the presentation of tables with WordPress becomes a child's play. As so often, there are various plugins, which differ quite a lot in function and price. […]

pagebuilder speed comparison

Pagebuilder Performance Check 2020

By Christian | July 12, 2020

WordPress pagebuilders have become an integral part of the WordPress universe and since 2019, Gutenberg has been implementing a corresponding functionality in the WordPress Core. There are heated discussions about pagebuilders all over the net. Opponents are critical of the massive effects on loading times and performance as well as the "defacement" of [...]

What is WordPress? Questions and answers for beginners

By Christian | 13 June 2020

WordPress has become an indispensable part of the Internet. Many websites use the free system to set up a blog, an online shop, a portfolio or something completely different. Since every beginning is difficult, we want to deal with the basics in this article. We clarify simple questions about WordPress and give tips on how to make the website even more [...]

WordPress: Upload of pictures is not possible - you can do that now

By Christian | 6 May 2020

Without pictures, the Internet would only be half as interesting - or maybe even less. Fortunately, it's quite easy to add new pictures under WordPress. But unfortunately even the upload is not free of errors. Every now and then it happens that single pictures - or all pictures - are no longer accepted. […]

There you go: Prevent render blocking of JavaScript and CSS

By Christian | 12 April 2020

Web pages should load as fast as possible, otherwise visitors become impatient. There are many possibilities, tricks and tips to get slow websites back on track. One area is unfortunately often excluded, which is perhaps also due to the rather dry name: We are talking about render blocking. Why this is important and how it is quite [...]

Beaver Builder - Show "Sticky" column

By Christian | 9 April 2020

For a few months now I've almost switched to 100% on the Beaver Builder. The crucial point was actually the "Pagebuilder Performance Test" I did. It showed quite clearly how big the performance differences between the different pagebuilders are and that unfortunately my previous favorite - the Divi Builder here only [...]

10 typical WordPress errors - and how you can easily fix them

By Christian | March 27, 2020

WordPress and error messages: Unfortunately, sometimes a couple too well known. From time to time errors creep in during operation - especially when updates are being carried out or new plugins are being used. Even when editing CSS and PHP files of the theme, it can quickly and unintentionally happen that WordPress no longer works as [...]

Forward user after first login

By Christian | March 9, 2020

The following scenario: A user has registered on your site, possibly carried out the corresponding e-mail verification and is now logging in on your site for the first time. Often it is possible that you want to show the user special information which is only interesting and relevant for the first login. Also a one-time process e.g. [...]

Wordpres SEO Plugin

Top WordPress SEO Plugins in comparison

By Christian | March 7, 2020

To optimize your WordPress page for SEO, an all-in one SEO plugin is available. Such plugins take over the basic settings and most important functions from meta-descriptions to sitemaps. This article deals with finding the best SEO plugin for your WordPress website. We take a look at the three [...]