Christian Pust

Christian Pust

WordPress developer & online marketing expert

My name is Christian and I am co-founder of the platform fastWP. Here in the magazine I am responsible for the more "technical" topics but I also like to write about SEO, which has been my passion for over 10 years now.


Output WordPress subcategories

By Christian | October 4, 2012

Small blogs usually don't have this problem, but larger websites also use lots of subcategories. These are often displayed in the menu, but sometimes manual output makes sense.

Security: Prevent PHP execution

By Christian | September 17, 2012

Security for free The times are getting more and more dangerous and also WordPress is often a victim of groundless attacks. Criminals infiltrate the system, gain access, or integrate a virus, all things that no webmaster wants to experience. But security can be expensive and most of them would rather invest in things that are directly visible or [...]

404 Redirect error to home page

By Christian | September 13, 2012

In this article you will learn how to redirect to the home page for WordPress 404 errors.

Invite friends Plugin

By Christian | September 6, 2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis Advertising at any priceInvite friends with WordPressEquipped for the futureLinks Advertising at any price The success of large websites is often based on the fact that they are penetratingly looking for new members. Existing users are urged to invite their friends, often even emails and other messages are sent automatically, the main thing is to let as many people as possible know about the website, the blog, the forum. Often [...]

Minify: A nightmare for performance and ranking

By Christian | September 5, 2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis Minify and its benefitsPerformance at its lowestMinify and GoogleConclusion Minify and its benefits Minify plugins for WordPress are very popular, because at first glance they bring huge benefits. Minify means that all data is minimized. Thus, the source code is freed from unnecessary spaces and comments, even the CSS files are reduced to a single [...]

Remove comments in source code

By Christian | 3 September 2012

Comments in the source code inflate the code unnecessarily. If you don't want to delete each comment individually, a small code for functions.php helps you to remove hints or annoying brandings in the source code of the website automatically.

Remove unnecessary links in the header

By Christian | 31 August 2012

Links in the Wordpress header can have a negative effect on performance. In the article you will learn how to remove them easily.

Stripes and pattern backgrounds with CSS3

By Christian | August 13, 2012

From image to CSS3 In the past, website backgrounds were always made possible with small images. These simple graphics, mostly simple patterns, should be as small as possible so that the website loads lightning fast without wasting whole seconds to download the background. A very simple, but also really effective method, which can now be replaced by CSS3. CSS3 now allows [...]

stop word url

Remove stop words automatically from URL

By Christian | August 9, 2012

Stop words and Google stop words are especially important from an SEO point of view. Stop words are words like a, its, on, all short words that have no meaning in the url. So it is important to remove the stop words, because Google loves especially short addresses, preferably only with important keywords. While the title remains the same, the [...]