In the summer of 2015, Automattic again launched the annual bbPress surveyto find out how the official forum plugin for WordPress is actually received and how it is actually used. Now there was the evaluation of this survey and the results were presented. Please don't forget to read the current WordPress Survey 2015 because those who do not take part in such opinion polls are not allowed to complain in the end.

Within the survey, new features were also asked for and here there were three clear winners. On the one hand, there should finally be attachments (images, files, etc.), on the other hand, integration with Ajax is desired, so that posts and contributions load much faster and without a complete rebuilding of the site. The moderators still lack a possibility to make adjustments directly in the frontend. The complete results and the analysis of the bbPress Survey 2015 you will find here.

All in all a rather superficial survey, because I think we all know what bbPress is really missing. As long as it is not a serious alternative to real forum systems (vBulletin, IP Board, WBB), bbPress is of little use to me. If you need a forum, you either need a real one, or you can save it completely. For me personally, bbPress simply lacks too many standards. But who knows, maybe there will be more soon.

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