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Block malicious requests

Most importantly, the plugin blocks Block Bad Queries but nonsensical accesses, which mostly want to exploit malicious backdoors, or are just nonsense and generate various error messages. If you log these cleanly, you will notice after activating the plugin that suddenly hardly any errors are generated.

All these accesses (errors, invalid URL parameters, endless folders) have to be processed by the server, but Block Bad Queries does not even allow this. The plugin for WordPress simply blocks all requests based on such nonsense. Everything that makes no sense or is malicious is simply blocked. A bit like a door that is always open, but when vermin appear in front of it, it suddenly slams shut.

Repel nonsensical calls

There are a lot of requests and accesses to WordPress that make no sense at all. At least at first sight. This often shows up in the own statistics, where strange URLs appear, which in turn led to an error, which in turn was output. Most of them are malicious attacks or nonsensical attempts, but they are all just being processed. Among them are URLs like:


Nobody wants to have these requests on their server, many already block them via the .htaccess. But this has some disadvantages, among other things, the list blocked there must be kept up to date. The WordPress plugin Block Bad Queries now takes over this task fully automatic and thus also very reliable.

More performance through fewer queries

The Block Bad Queries Plugin is quickly installed and requires no settings in WordPress. Once it is activated, URLs like the one above are simply no longer accessible, they are simply blocked completely.

As a result, performance often increases quite a bit because all these requests suddenly no longer need to be processed. At least that was the case in my tests, but as mentioned above, it may not be noticeable in small blogs and websites. Either way, the Block Bad Queries plugin for WordPress makes sure that more security is implemented.

Malicious requests and accesses no longer get through, potential attackers no longer get a platform and errors are no longer output. Block Bad Queries should be installed by everyone, a kind of standard in WordPress.

To test if the plugin works correctly, you just have to call one of the URLs above (replace the address or example with your own). If everything works correctly, the above URLs will be blocked completely and are not accessible at all.

Plugin Overview

Developer: Jeff Starr

active installations: 100,000+

Ratings: 71 ( (5 stars)

To download the plugin "Block Bad Queries" click here:

Download Block Bad Queries


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