SVG becomes more and more important

Since SVG is becoming more and more popular on the internet, but especially since it makes more sense to use scalable vector graphics due to all the different display sizes, I'm already looking for a usable, easy to use SVG editor. There are surprisingly few of them, let's give that much away and the ones that do exist, whether online or offline, are often bulky and difficult to use. I don't use big software from Adobe anymore since the company switched to subscription and smaller software, for example Affinity Designer, I don't really need and even that is still too expensive for me. big. Something simple, easy to use, only for vector graphics, that's what I've been looking for a long time. I found Boxy SVG.

Boxy SVG makes it easy

Through a random recommendation, I don't even know exactly where anymore, I recently came across Boxy SVG. The little free program that makes it on the App Store from MacOS directly for free download, is really nothing more than a rudimentary yet sufficiently powerful SVG editor. In my opinion, Boxy SVG is especially well suited to adjust and refine existing vector graphics or to edit icons accordingly. But not to create large SVG files from scratch. Exactly what many web workers need to individualize their work.

Refined and simple

Boxy SVG gets plus points in terms of handling. The simple SVG editor is not overloaded at any point and still has all the features that an SVG editor should have. Paths, layers, gradients, Google Fonts and much more are no problem. There are also a lot of shortcuts, over 100 commands are waiting to be used. But for me Boxy SVG shines with its simplicity at any time. Everything is always self-explanatory and after a few minutes I have already understood the SVG editor and can easily find my way around. Refined and simple, the program comes along. That's how it should and must be with a minimal SVG editor.

Conclusion on Boxy SVG

For me personally Boxy SVG is the ideal program. With the simple SVG editor I can quickly and easily adapt and edit my SVG files and perfect the presentation for my purposes. I need SVG graphics for my Working as a content manager also quite often. If you want to, you can create completely new SVG files from scratch, draw and shape as you like. Sure, it's not designed for huge projects, but that's why I like Boxy SVG so much. Because it is only is a small SVG editor that remains easy to use, but runs fast and stable. The finished SVG file is then optimized as per description here and I've already created the perfect SVG of my own. By the way, the Share Buttons under this article were also created with Boxy SVG.

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