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As the provider KeyCDN Optimus took overI was very sceptical at first. In the meantime, however, it has become clear that the guys are putting real energy into their work, among other things because shortly after the takeover they presented several updates and the long awaited Bulk Support Subsequent. Now the company is getting even more into the topic of WordPress plugins with a caching plugin called cache enabler (Download). And what, surprisingly, immediately becomes the currently fastest caching plugin ever and so I couldn't help but write about it directly. A plugin as I like it, a lightweight and a prime example for performance. Everything else you will find out in the following paragraphs.

New insider tip for WordPress

If you haven't heard of Cache Enabler yet, don't be surprised, because the extension for WordPress has just been released and according to the statistics (at the time of this article) is only installed on 10+ blog. I myself discovered it by chance this morning and although I always Cachify and WP Rocket (one for experienced users, the other for beginners), I just had to try the new extension immediately. Especially because KeyCDN has done such a good job after taking over Optimus that I wanted to know if there was more behind it. Apparently there is, because from now on Cache Enabler is active here in the blog and there is a good reason for that. The WordPress plugin shines with minimalism and efficiency, something Cachify has lost over the last updates, it seems to me. Also a lot has changed within WordPress, but not much has changed with Cachify. Time for a new number 1, time for a caching plugin of the superlative, I almost want to say.

Minimalist and blazing fast

The Cache Enabler is essentially as simple as Cachify. No, actually much more simple, because there is no need to adjust the .htaccess and also the Fiddling with cron jobs for planned contributionsbecause Cache Enabler is minimalistic, but not as annoying as Cachify. That means: If the plugin is activated, the page is cached immediately. Not in different ways, but directly on the hard disk, as HDD cache. This means that simple HTML files are created from each page, which means that the entire WordPress routine is omitted when the page is called up, resulting in enormous performance. Because Cache Enabler also only concentrates on this and does not offer dozens of possibilities, it is currently incredibly lightweight. This makes it the fastest caching plugin for WordPress in my opinion. From a loading time of about 1.7 seconds (Cachify active) to 1.1 seconds (Cache Enabler active). An enormous difference, I think, which has been confirmed in further tests on other blogs.

Cache Enabler provides everything a WordPress caching plugin needs, but nothing more. So the extension remains performant and is a real lightweight.

Few options but a lot of compatibility

Apart from the fact that Cache Enabler leaves any other caching plugin for Worpdress far, far behind (even minimalists like Cachify), the extension for WordPress has everything the normal user needs. Especially practical: As an Optimus user, Cache Enabler provides me with an option to use Optimus' WebP function with activated cache. Cache Enabler also handles HTML Minify for me, either completely or only partially. Whoever wants to turn off the cache for logged-in users and empty it automatically as soon as a new comment is posted. Also exceptions are possible, for example for dynamic content or random generators. There is also a clear cache button, otherwise that's it. Luckily, because this is the only way Cache Enabler remains the mentioned lightweight. Because Optimus is also developed by KeyCDN, both plugins work seamlessly together, and the provider's CDN plugin is of course also compatible. For me this is always an advantage if plugins of the same developer are in use or can be in use.

Conclusion on Cache Enabler

What can I say in conclusion about this fantastic plugin? Out of curiosity, I tested it spontaneously this morning for a few hours in the morning and, to be honest, I was quite surprised. First I thought KeyCDN does it like Optimus and now builds a little bit of Cachify and basically it's the same, only that Cache Enabler works much more efficient, runs even faster and therefore just works better. No commands in the .htaccess more that have to be inserted by hand, no fiddling with the wp-cron.php and the cron jobs for planned posts. All this really surprised me, because most of the caching plugins follow the same scheme and many of them are just too extensive to be really efficient. Besides, I've tested almost every caching plugin at least once, so as an experienced user you'll rarely be so positively surprised. Cache Enabler is for me the new Cachify. Better, faster, easier to use and simply a real rocket. But I am careful. I will keep an eye on the extension for now and do some more tests for you, as well as analyze the first updates. But for now Cache Enabler is the fastest and best caching plugin for WordPress at the moment. At least in my opinion. Clear recommendation.

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    Yes, I am still convinced that the caching system is the most effective on the market. Furthermore, it is a pure caching plugin without any additional functions, which of course saves performance. Therefore, also further my recommendation.

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