When it comes to creating your own website, there are many options these days. But which one is the best for your business? Today we compare the creation of a website with a CMS and a website builder.

First of all, the question arises what kind of website should be created and what functions it should have. We will thereby address the following questions and compare the functions of CMS WordPress with the website construction kit from Zyro compare

  1. How much time do I have to create the website and make changes?
  2. Do I work alone on the website or in a team?
  3. Do I want a custom website or will a customized design template suffice?
  4. What budget do I have available?

1. how much time do I have to create the website and make changes?

If you're planning to launch a new website, you'll want to get it online as soon as possible. Because nowadays, no one has the patience to go through a months-long process of website creation. But this is also not necessary.

With a website builder like Zyro, a homepage can be created in just a few minutes - even without web design knowledge. The operation is intuitive and self-explanatory. First you register on the platform and create an account. Then you choose a template for your website and can customize it using a drag-and-drop editor.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to make changes and customize content. Websites are automatically responsive and display smoothly on mobile devices.

With a registration at Zyro, the hosting of the website is included and updates are automatically applied. With a paid price plan, domain registration is also included.

For the creation of a website with WordPress, there are also design templates, but it is also possible to create a completely custom design as a basis. With a personal template, the website can of course not be created in just a few minutes, as this takes more time. Also, with a personal template it is important that it is mobile friendly and responsive when changes are made.

With a multitude of features, the WordPress menu can seem complex at first and it takes a little time to learn the system, but after that, editing the website is easy as well.

When using a CMS like WordPress, updates have to be done by oneself, which can be set with the help of appropriate plug-ins. It should be noted that one must take care of the hosting and domain registration of the website.

2. do I work alone on the website or in a team?

A CMS like WordPress was created to allow multiple team members to make changes to a website in different areas if necessary. Change rights can be assigned and, for example, accounts can be created for editors that only allow content to be changed. The administrator thus reserves the sole right to make changes to the layout and can be sure that changes are not made accidentally by other users.

This is not possible with Zyro. The login is done through a user account, so account data has to be shared when editing by multiple users. It is not possible to assign different user rights. However, the operation is so easy that the risk of accidental changes is very low.

3. do I want a customized website or is a customized design template sufficient?

With WordPress, there is the option to access design templates and use them to create your website. The big advantage of WordPress over a website builder, however, is that completely custom websites can be created. So you get a unique website that fits 100%ig to the company.
In addition, there are a variety of PlugIns with which almost unlimited customizations can be made, e.g. SEO, image galleries, newsletters, online shops, blogs and many more.

Zyro, as a website builder, offers numerous templates created by designers that serve as the basis for the website. These can be personalized by customizing the color tones and fonts, as well as adding images. There is also the option to create an online store and add a blog. However, a 100 % custom website cannot be created.

4. what budget do I have available?

WordPress is a free CMS. It is an open source, which means that changes are created by a community. Since WordPress does not include hosting, this is an additional cost. In addition, there are some plug-ins that are chargeable and if necessary, you have to plan on creating a personalized template if you don't have web design skills.

Zyro offers a free membership as well as paid plans. The higher priced plans offer more features, of course.

5. conclusion

Both WordPress and Zyro can be used to easily and quickly create visually-appealing, functional, search engine optimized websites.

There is still no system with which a completely individual website can be created in minutes. Accordingly, the above questions can be a good decision-making aid in the question of which of the options better suit the company.

If you are looking for a simple solution and are aware of the limitations, Zyro is a good choice. It is particularly suitable for small companies where at best only one person is responsible for the changes to the website.

For a more personal website with almost unlimited modification and extension possibilities, WordPress is the better solution. Especially when working in a larger team in different areas. Even if it is not as self-explanatory as a website builder, the variety of functions is worth the time spent learning.

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