The contact form is one of the most essential elements of a website - at least if you as a company or private person want to establish contact to customers / users. Contact forms are therefore used in Blogsprivate websites, Company homepages and online shops (e.g. with WooCommerce) is required. With WordPress, the integration of such a form is easily done by a plugin - a standard WordPress contact form is unfortunately not available. Only in some Premium-Themes a "Contactform" is integrated.

Why this overview?

Of course we didn't just use the first plugins we came across when searching for WordPress contact forms. Rather, we have selected the following plugins according to certain criteria. The first criterion is popularity, regardless of our own opinion about the functionality of the plugin. However, this is also included as criterion number 2. Because WordPress professionals and beginners have different requirements. With this small overview we want to try to represent the whole spectrum from the popular song to the insider tip accordingly. If your favourite contact form is missing, please let us know.

#1: Contact Form 7

With over 5 million active installations, Contact Form 7 is the most popular WordPress plugin for contact forms. In our opinion, this is mainly due to two factors. First, the plugin is completely free of charge - the support is still excellent. Secondly, the extension is integrated as standard in numerous premium themes. Concerning the functionality, the top dog makes it easy for WordPress users thanks to great standard features. Extensions such as Contact Form DB (storing queries in the database) and Contact Form 7 Skins (adjusting layout, structure and visual presentation) - also free of charge - speak for CF7. Beyond the standard functions, it will be difficult for the layman without HTML/CSS knowledge to customize Contact Form 7.

Click here for the test report of Contact Form 7


  • free of charge
  • great support
  • good enhancements
  • super performance


  • difficult to customize

#2: wpforms

The wpforms plugin is Contact Form 7 with over 1 million active installations close on its heels. Rightly so, because the overview is great, which offers even the bloodiest WordPress beginner a good usability. Colors, columns and co: Everything can be customized. There are also special functions regarding the DSGVO. The real hits, however, you get only with the Pro version from 79 USD per year. Here you can realize very complex forms with payment options. Also the integration of newsletter systems is possible. In our opinion, you should definitely try wpforms if you have been using Contact Form 7 so far. The Lite version is already quite decent, but whether the Pro version is worthwhile must be decided in each individual case. For extensive company websites and online shops the plugin is recommended without any restrictions.

Prices: free of charge (Free Version), 39.50 to 259.50 USD / year (Premium Licenses)


  • great overview
  • great usability
  • multiple features
  • Free version available


  • relatively high price

#3: Ninja Forms

Over one million installations and top ratings: Ninja Form wpforms is in no way inferior. Also concerning the overview the plugin convinces us. Ninja Forms is absolutely user-friendly, because fields can be sorted easily via drag & drop. However, if you want to take full advantage of this highly recommended plugin, for example to create multi-page forms or field conditions, you have to use one of the extensions. The prices start at 29 USD per year. With a paid plan starting at 99 USD per year you get a lot of useful extensions included. There are discounts on additional extensions in the Pro plans.

As an agency that manages multiple client sites, you must pay at least 199 USD annual license (up to 20 sites). The all-round carefree package for any number of websites, where all plugins are integrated, costs 499 USD per year. That is 100 USD less than the competition of wpforms.

Prices: free of charge (Free Version), 99 to 499 USD / year (Premium Licenses)


  • expensive, but fair prices
  • Extensions available separately
  • super usability


  • limited range of functions in the Free Version

#4: Everest Forms

Everest Forms is more of an insider tip. In any case, a look at the active installations in combination with the evaluations allows this conclusion. "Just about" 50.000 + active installations can be listed by the contact form plugin. The ratings - many of them are not yet - are top, with a few exceptions.

We can confirm the positive impression of many users, because Everest Forms is lightweight, user-friendly and expandable thanks to drag & drop. If you want to integrate additional add-ons such as Mailchimp or the e-mail marketing tool ConverKit, you should take a paid license. What we really like: The licenses only have to be purchased once, and not renewed annually. This means that even the most expensive version of the plugin for 199 USD (normal 240 USD) is more than affordable compared to the competition, even if not quite as extensive.

Prices: free of charge (Free Version), one-time 29 to 199 USD (Premium Licenses)


  • decent feature set
  • reasonable price


  • Add-ons not available individually

#5: Gravity Forms

Even with Gravity Forms, the form elements can be sorted easily using drag & drop. Even beginners can get along with the plugin without any difficulties. The range of functions is large and the available add-ons more than sufficient. PayPal, Stripe, Polls, Zapier and and and. But what bothers us despite the fair prices for the licenses (59, 159 or 259 USD with annual billing) is that there is no free version. Furthermore, the add-ons are not individually bookable as it is the case with Ninja Forms, for example.

Prices: 59, 159 or 259 USD (premium licenses only)


  • acceptable prices


  • no free version

#6: Form Maker

All forms that are built with Form Maker via drag & drop are responsive, i.e. they are also functional on mobile devices. There are ready-made form designs that can be adopted or individually adapted. The handling is easy and will especially convince WordPress Rookies. The average rating of 4.5 stars is not surprising. There are more than 100,000 active installations, which means that the form plugin is by far not as popular as the top-ranking form plugins, but it is widely used. Web Dorado, where the premium licenses for the plugin are traded, has recorded over 2.5 million downloads. Those who need the classic extensions for contact forms pay either 30, 45, 60 or 99 USD. For the 99 USD you can also get other premium plugins from Web Dorado.

Prices: 59, 159 or 259 USD / year (Premium licenses)


  • user-friendly
  • great step-by-step guide
  • cheap licenses


  • not quite as many add-ons available as with some competitors

#7: Formidable Forms

What the developers thought of the name is not quite clear. Because "formidable" can be translated as both "impressive / impressive" and "difficult". But we guess the first one, because the contact form plugin is convincing. Here, too, the form fields are arranged very user-friendly via drag & drop. A front-end editor is also available. Using "conditional logic", fields can be hidden or displayed, depending on what users have selected in another field. In short: The range of functions is excellent. And the prices? They range from 49 to a maximum of 399 USD per year. Even the cheapest version offers all the features that are available. However, really many add-ons are only available with a business license for 199 USD / year and up to 15 pages.

Prices: 49 to 399 USD / year


  • large functional range
  • comparatively acceptable prices


  • few Add-Ons with a cheap license

#8: JetElements

JetElements is an innovative addon for the popular Elementor page creator. This plugin adds extensive modules to the existing modules and allows to fill the web pages with multiple content blocks. There are 46 modules currently available, which can be easily sorted by drag & drop. It contains almost everything: from contact form to WooCommerce integration module, price table, carousel, registration form and countdown timer. And it costs only 15 euros. The developers have anticipated all the details: from content management to style options. The modules have different settings, so everyone can customize the content and appearance with just a few clicks.

Price: 15 euros


  • Supports text direction from right to left
  • Constant updates
  • Many new options for the Elementor menu
  • In general, these widgets are more practical than standard widgets


  • Some widgets, such as the weather widget, require an API key to work correctly

WordPress contact forms & DSGVO

In order to be on the safe side when it comes to WordPress contact forms & DSGVO (European data protection basic regulation), there are a few things to consider. On the one hand the Own a WordPress Web site with an SSL certificate. On the other hand, a reference to the privacy statement should be included, explaining what happens to the data and how long they are kept. Furthermore, e-mails sent via contact forms must be encrypted using TLS "Transport Layer Security". Many plugins are very well set up here and "DGSVO ready".

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