My dream will come true

It's almost ironic, because as soon as I wrote my article on Code editors for WordPress developers I discover a new editor at Reddit. But not just any other editor, but one so minimalist that it could hardly suit me better. Where others add all kinds of shortcuts and features that are supposed to make it easier to use, I really only use editors for typing down lines of code, without comfort functions or special features. Small is a bit like a pipe dream of mine. An ingenious, because extremely minimal editor. Why do you always have to use that crap before it gets better?

Text edit with syntax highlighting

Small was developed for MacOS and can also be installed there completely free of charge via the App Store. Simple and direct. Basically the developer was looking for the same editor I've been looking for years, which is actually just a kind of TextEdit including syntax highlighting. With Small, he developed exactly that, namely an extremely reduced editor, which is no longer like TextEdit or Notepad except effective syntax highlighting. My dream finally comes true, because Small is like someone answered my prayers. But now let's have a look at the editor in detail.

Small Editor Mockup
The Editor Small is minimal, but it opens at lightning speed. For minimalists it is a pipe dream, for all others too uncomfortable.

Minimal and yet so perfect

The ingenious thing about Small is that the editor is so light and minimal that it loads in less than a second, and it does so very loosely. That's good, because nothing is more annoying in everyday life than when you want to make a quick edit and the editor can't be opened in a flash, but has to reload all its libraries and features first. With Small I can make changes to my files in no time without having to wait all the time. The syntax highlighting for over 20 languages works perfectly and there are several themes that can be changed freely. Who likes jumps into the night or day mode, so use Small with light or dark background. Perfect. That's all a coder needs.

Small is my new favourite editor

So far TextMate my first choice when it came to editors. It couldn't have been more minimalist or I never found a more minimalist editor. Small is the replacement. Small is what I have always wanted for myself and my expectations of an editor are one to one with what the developer expects. Namely a kind of text editor, with syntax highlighting. That's all I've ever needed, all I've ever wanted, all I've ever looked for. Small is installed, TextMate disappeared, the page is my setup is adjusted. If you are looking for the same thing, you should now download. I'm telling you, this thing is fast and awesome.

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