You want to create a website with WordPress but don't know if you are better off with or We will explain the difference. & the difference

Not all WordPress is the same. Bloggers and other website owners have two basic options to help themselves with: and = Open-Source CMS Software offers the popular free open source software for websites, blogs and apps for download. Also extensions (plugins) and Themes are available there. However, the software itself has to be installed by your own hoster. So you need a webspace with costs, where you can host the WordPress site. = WP incl. Hosting & Domain offers everything in one: CMS, hosting and domain. But the whole thing is free of charge only in the free tariff, where you don't get your own domain. With the Premium and Business tariff you can fall back on countless premium themes; of course there is also more storage space available.

> Here you can read how to create a free blog with in 3 steps.

As far as extensions are concerned very limited and dependent on Automattic, the company behind WordPress. is pure freedom, but you have to install WordPress on your own server or webspace, but then you are allowed to adapt and extend it as you like - just as you like.

Which WordPress is the right one for me?

Which WordPress (if you can say so at all) you choose depends on what you plan to do with the website. If you would like to run a completely free website, you only have the free tariff of However, as soon as you want to create more extensive company websites, large blogs or even online shops, the advantage of is no longer necessarily there. Here you have to decide for a fee-based tariff anyway. Just as well, you can use the extensive and host it yourself. vs. is especially suitable for beginners and occasional bloggers to carry their own thoughts free of charge into the unlimited expanses of the Internet. However, the range of functions is very limited, especially in the free tariff.

Do you host the CMS of yourself at a Hosting provideryou will incur costs from the outset, but these can pay off. So you not only have full control over your WordPress page, but you can also make much more customizations and individualizations. However, this is not possible without the willingness to learn and invest a little time.

If you decide to get a free hosted WordPress from, you will find in our WordPress Magazine answers to all important questions. Get more information about Search engine optimization, Monetisation and learn, which theme is right for you. If we should not be able to help you, you will get this help guaranteed from one of our numerous WordPress service provider.

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