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Those who follow FastWP closely know that I regularly revise old articles. Normally I don't even mention it, but in the course of some news and changes, I thought I might as well point it out and explain my way of working.

I am well aware that some contributions age and these are also adapted and expanded by me again and again. With WordPress this is unfortunately a little bit difficult, because old snippets with new versions are usually "more elegant" or can be solved more effectively and plugins with new versions usually compensate for old weaknesses. My claim is always to be perfect and so I always try to keep old posts up to date and adapt code snippets accordingly. Not so easy at all.

But I still manage to do that quite well at the moment, especially thanks to your hints via mail and in the comments. It's impossible to keep track of every article on a blog that is more than four years old, even though I've tried to do so for important posts like the .htaccess etc. of course and so far it works wonderfully here. Nevertheless it should be said again that FastWP is basically just a heart project, without any real income. At the moment the blog exists mainly because I really love WordPress, passionately like to work with the CMS and privately I like to optimize it for speed and performance. No more, no less.

During the weekend I worked on adapting and improving as many old articles as possible to the innovations. The page to the WordPress performance has recently been heavily revised, links have been added and removed, some articles linked there have been slightly changed. However, especially the WordPress on Speed article series a bit out of date, so this one is definitely next and needs to be completely reworked and will be reworked. Just to let you know that I know about it and it's all already on my bulging to-do list.

A brand new addition is the Sneezing Page to the WordPress Security. I had planned this for a long time, because security is becoming more and more important and is gaining in importance with regard to WordPress. First of all there are basic hints and important articles about WordPress security. But I would also like to say that the page will change again soon and I want to keep it up to date and extend it again and again, just like the page about WordPress performance.

But for small snippets etc. I really depend on hints from you, because it is impossible for me to check all snippets all the time, especially since new articles appear here regularly. The hint alone then ensures that I will put the article on the revision list and check it at the next opportunity. Depending on the priority, this may take longer, because I pay attention to quality and want to check everything myself before I put the change live or even recommend it.

Tl;dr: Don't worry! Old articles are regularly revised by me and some of them are already next on the revision list. But since the testing etc. is very time-consuming, all this does not happen overnight. New is the overview page for WordPress Security and in general many articles on the WordPress Performance page have been corrected and optimized.

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My name is Christian and I am co-founder of the platform fastWP. Here in the magazine I am responsible for the more "technical" topics but I like to write about SEO, which has been my passion for over 10 years now.

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