You came across a website and suspect that WordPress is used as CMS. Now you think the presentation is pretty good and want to know which theme this website uses? We will explain how you can find out. How you can find out if a website uses WordPress, I explain here.

Locate WordPress Theme

You may still be in search of the suitable WordPress Theme for you. While surfing the web, you suddenly find yourself on a page that looks exactly as you imagine it to look for your own site. But how do you find out if the page uses WordPress and what theme it is in case of doubt?

In a matter of seconds, this can be done with an online tool like "isitwp" ( Just enter the URL of the website you want to check and click on "Analyze Website". The tool will tell you if the site is a WordPress site and which theme is used.

Which plugins does a site use?

The nice thing about this tool is that you can also immediately Plugins that are used on the analyzed page and where the Page hosted is. Often it is not the designs, but the extensions that shape the functionality of a page.

Other tools you can use to analyze WordPress pages for their theme and the plugins used are:

Especially the tools WPThemeDetector and WordPress Theme Search are convincing when it comes to finding plug-ins - and ThatTheme are far from being able to keep up.

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