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With 8 questions on the perfect theme

Because a WordPress theme is more than just a simple design template, but also offers quite extensive functions, you should think seriously about whether the theme really suits you before buying it. Because with such WordPress templates the following applies: All that glitters is not gold! Just because great pictures of people exercising in the theme demo suggest that the theme is wonderfully suited for your gym's website, it is far from being the case.

Question 1: Does the design match the content?

If you have ever bought a Premium Theme, you probably know the problem: In the live demo at themeforest or any other marketplace the theme looks absolutely brilliant - but after buying and activating it on your own WordPress installation the beautiful swan suddenly turns into an ugly duckling.

So better take a close look before buying and imagine the design with your own content. A portfolio theme doesn't always suit your photo studio perfectly. Feel free to look around in different categories; the same theme can be used for completely different types of websites.

Question 2: Is the theme responsive?

Actually this question should be answered in advance for most current themes. But if in doubt, it can be worthwhile to take a second look before there are any nasty surprises in terms of usability afterwards. The proportion of users who use the web primarily via mobile devices is rising steadily. The presentation of websites should therefore work great on all devices and provide a good user experience.

On many marketplaces, the theme demo offers the possibility to display the theme in different formats - e.g. tablet and smartphone horizontal / vertical.

Question 3: What features does the theme offer?

A fancy WordPress Theme often defines not only the look of a website, but also its functions - in simple terms, what the website can do. Unfortunately, one problem with many premium templates is that themes and plugins merge into a kind of unity, which makes later adjustments almost impossible.

As long as you use a theme overloaded with functions, everything is fine. But if you want to change the theme at some point, all content created using theme functions will be lost. Instead, all the functionality should be in the (supplied) plug-ins and add-ons, but not in the theme itself. It is not without reason that WordPress provides a separation between themes and plugins.

Question 4: Which plugins are included?

Many premium themes only work really well with paid plugins and extensions - especially if they fulfill what we mentioned in the upper section, i.e. let functions be executed by plugins and offer great compatibility instead of being completely overloaded themselves.

So before you buy, take a close look at which plug-ins and add-ons are used in the live demo and whether the licenses for them are included in the purchase price. If not, find out how much these add-ons cost and if it still fits your budget. If the price of the extensions is too high, ask yourself if you need the functions provided by these plugins at all - maybe another theme that works without these functions is better suited for you.

Question 5: What is the performance of the theme?

Many premium themes look great, but a lot of CSS and Javascript files can have a negative impact on the website performance. This in turn has effects on Bounce rate and rankings. Although this point is a bit tricky for "non-professionals", those who know a little bit about the matter will quickly find the answer in the source code.

Here, too, the same applies: sometimes less is more. Great animations, lots of sliders and co. are not always the measure of all things. In the live operation of the website you want to offer users above all a clear content, which builds up in a short loading time and thus also positively affects your SEO have an impact.

Question 6: Does the theme have good ratings?

As with services and other types of products, ratings for themes say a lot about the actual quality. If the template is consistently rated positively (the total number of ratings also decides), the seller or developer seems to have done a good job. So what is promised seems to be kept.

But if there are also really bad ratings, you better have a closer look at them. Possibly a buyer is bothered at the exact point that could also occur with your planned theme use.

Question 7: Does the seller offer permanent support?

With the purchase of a great theme it is not done, the real work begins afterwards. Although these design and function templates are a super assistance in the implementation of their own dream website (especially thanks to integrated Pagebuilder), but without specific adjustments it does not work here - after all, WordPress is not a simple homepage construction kit, but a comprehensive system that makes (almost) everything possible. If you have any questions during the customization of your new theme or even notice errors in the code, the seller should be available for you at any time.

Question 8: How often are theme updates available?

In most cases, you should keep your hands off an extensive premium theme that has been on the market for a long time but has not yet received any updates. Good themes are also characterized by the fact that the developers regularly provide new versions that close any security holes, integrate new script versions and adapt the theme to the latest WordPress updates.


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