In this article we report about alternatives for the WordPress Plugin Jetpack. Even though the plugin is often recommended, it has weaknesses in several places . especially concerning the effects on performance.

What is Jetpack for WordPress?

Jetpack, that is a big plugin from the WordPress developer Automattic itself, which contains a collection of different modules. These modules activate functions on self-hosted blogs, which are only available at there. There is Photon, a free CDN, Stats, a tool for statistics, Jetpack Comments, a comment function with connection to social networks, and all sorts of other things. Soon the simple Related Posts will be integrated into Jetpack, which makes further performance-guzzling plugins unnecessary. But Jetpack is not pure gold just because it shines. Many would like to use the functions as individual plugins, but the biggest criticism is the connection to Everybody who wants to use Jetpack needs a corresponding account, which makes the use of Jetpack cumbersome again. But there are enough alternatives to Jetpack, enough free plugins that offer exactly the same functions. I have taken the trouble to find a free alternative for each module. Freely according to the motto: Jetpack, who needs it?


The Publicize module ensures that WordPress connects to social networks. For new articles, a link to Facebook, Twitter etc. is automatically posted, depending on how you have configured Publicize. A nice feature, but also possible without a jetpack, even completely without a plugin. As an alternative to Publicize I recommend Twitter feedwhich reads articles via RSS and then posts them to the social networks. Very simple and without a plugin. Stats

Statistics are important, because only those who keep track of hits and popular topics can blog effectively. But many people no longer want to use Google Analytics, especially out of fear of German privacy laws. Stats provides extensive tracking, but only with activated Jetpack Plugin. As an alternative to Stats I recommend the small plugin Statify. The extension is derived from Sergei Müllerwho always programs his plugins very cleanly and efficiently. Statify provides simple statistics on page views and shows the top referrers and top content. Very fast, very efficient, completely free. Alternatively, Stats can also be used with the Jetpack Light Plugin can be used.

Jetpack Comments

The Jetpack Comments are very popular because the module allows users to easily log in via Twitter, Facebook, or even to post comments. This is popular, because not everyone wants to register somewhere or provide additional information. A social login simplifies this step. However, nobody needs the Jetpack Plugin for this, because there are enough alternatives to the Jetpack Comments. One of them is social login.


The Subscriptions module of Jetpack is also very popular, but here too there are sufficient alternative options in the form of a WordPress plugin. The Subscriptions module itself, allows visitors to enter their e-mail address to be automatically notified of new posts. What at first seems nonsensical makes sense, because not everyone wants to search several blogs every day. They can be informed by e-mail and, if the new topic is of interest, click on it immediately. The WordPress Plugin Simple Email Subscriber is recommended here as a free alternative to Jetpack.


The Likes module gives users the opportunity to link contributions. Not via Facebook or Google+, but with their account. Of course there is no exact alternative here, because Likes relies on personal recommendations. However, there are still extensions that integrate a kind of Kudos- or an own Vote up- or Like-Button. This way visitors can show the author if they liked the article without having to log in to Facebook and Co. A simple Like-Button, very classic and like in the past. This is what the plugin allows LikeBtnwhich can be placed next to all the social buttons in a visually perfect way. If you want to spend money to get a more comprehensive plugin, you should use Like Dislike Counter or KK I Like It well advised. They still bring widgets and statistics.


The standard WordPress galleries are boring, not really attractive and above all not practical enough. Everybody knows that, which is why there are countless extensions for WordPress that deal with exactly this topic. Also in the Jetpack Plugin there is such a module, namely Carousel. This transforms the standard WordPress galleries into a fullscreen version, which is not only pretty, but also very practical and interactive. Of course there is also an alternative plugin for Carousel, which can be used instead of Jetpack. This is called CarouselGallery Carousel Without JetPack and basically delivers exactly the same as the original itself.

Post By Email

The Post By Email module from Jetpack, may not be very popular, but it is still used. But why install an extra Jetpack, where the function can be easily upgraded with a plugin. Post By Email this is called and is the perfect alternative to Jetpack, as it delivers exactly the same. Articles can thus be written directly via e-mail. This only makes sense if you are often on the road and don't have direct access to WordPress. Does something like this still happen?


Do I really have to show you alternatives to the sharing module of Jetpack? Hardly, because sharing buttons are a dime a dozen and besides the official ones, there are also enough unofficial plugins and possibilities. If you want performance, you can rely on static Share-Buttons. But if you are looking for exactly the same buttons as in the Jetpack module, you will find them with Jetpack Sharing a plugin that imitates these buttons and integrates them into WordPress. But I would always use the static buttons, because they are safe in terms of data protection, but above all they can be integrated with much better performance.

Spelling and Grammar

What exactly Spelling and Grammar is good for, I personally do not understand. Every modern browser has a spell checker and it also works in the editor of WordPress. So why activate an extra plugin or module? But maybe there are people out there who really need this extension. As an alternative to Jetpack we recommend TinyMCE Spellcheck. The small plugin adds a spell checker to the editor, which will correct you again and again. Jetpack is not needed for this.


Backups are always important with WordPress. What happens if you get hacked? What do you do if a few lines of code or a change in the database suddenly paralyses the entire installation? Exactly, you import a backup, which is why these should be created as often and accurately as possible. This is where VaultPress helps, at least for Jetpack users. But VaultPress is not completely free, just like most backup plugins. But the small fee is worth it and the plugin is also available without jetpack. An alternative to VaultPress would be BackWPupwhich is also available as Premium Plugin or Pro version.


With Omnisearch, searching and finding in WordPress becomes much easier. The backend search is very powerful, sifts through everything that could be of interest, more precisely and exactly than the standard search of the software. But Omnisearch, like most modules, does not necessarily need Jetpack. This is demonstrated by an extension that delivers the same functionality without the need for a Jetpack and account. Jetpack Omnisearch is the name of the plugin and is installed and adjusted in no time. Give it a try.

Gravatar Hovercards

Gravatar hasn't really caught on in this country, but WordPress still sticks with the system. With the Gravatar Hovercards there is a possibility to call up further details about the author of a comment. Not with one click, but with a simple hover. So if you move the mouse over the name, the Gravatar Hovercard opens. This is quite nice, but basically unnecessary. If you want to use it without Jetpack Plugin, you can use the Jetpack Gravatar Hovercards Use the plugin. Same function, without all the ballast.

Contact Form

With Contact Form a small contact form can be integrated into WordPress at any time. This is nothing new, but still a component of Jetpack. Free alternatives are a dime a dozen here, however. Who likes it simple and performant, uses Real Simple Contact Form. If you need more features and would like to set up and manage your contact forms more extensively, simply access Contact Form 7. Besides these two plugins, there are a lot more. To install just because of Contact Form Jetpack would be pure nonsense.

tiled galleries

Very popular are the Tiled Galleries from Jetpack. No wonder, because WordPress delivers its galleries as standard very loveless and boring. With Jetpack's Tiled Galleries, the pictures are arranged in a more exciting and attention-grabbing way, in the style of big magazines and pretty portals. This is definitely an added value, but it doesn't necessarily require the Jetpack plugin. Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack integrates beside the gallery also the nice fullscreen lightbox from Carousel. Definitely worth a look for all those who publish a lot of photos. All others are thinking about whether they would rather do without it for performance reasons.

Widget Visibility

With the Widget Visibility module of WordPress, Automattic's team provides a way to more strongly influence the display of the widgets. With Widget Visibility, it is possible to determine on which page which widget should appear. For example, the login can then appear only on the start page, while the Related Posts widget can be displayed in all categories. A simple control makes it possible, but usually only with Jetpack. The WordPress Plugin Jetpack Widget Visibility does not need a jetpack, but is exactly the same product. Shortlinks

Actually WordPress generates so-called short links for each article, which can then be used for Twitter and Co. However, was integrated into Jetpack, a plugin which can generate short links according to the scheme "". If you absolutely need this and do not want to use Jetpack, take it Jetpack Light. This includes the module, but without the annoying other extensions, only Stats is still included. But as I said: WordPress already generates its own short links, so why install this plugin?

Custom CSS

Insert your own CSS commands without changing the files of the theme, is that possible? Sure, with Custom CSS this is possible. But WordPress forces its users to Jetpack again. How good that there are still free alternatives. The Custom CSS Manager Plugin would be here to mention. A mature extension that integrates its own CSS code without changing any files. So if you need it, you can install the plugin. But I recommend to change the code directly and thus to do without another plugin.

short code embeds

In the past, BB-code was needed like "[Video]"to put clips in a post. Those times are over, because thanks to oEmbed WordPress integrates them now fully automatic. Simply insert a link to YouTube and WordPress converts the link directly into a player. But of course WordPress does not support many portals by default and so the limits are quickly reached. Shortcode Embeds from Jetpack can help here, it also allows to integrate videos from other portals. Who wants the same or more, can also simply Viper's Video Quicktags use.

Mobile Theme

The Mobile Theme from Jetpack was particularly ingenious in the past. At a time when most people didn't use Responsive Web Design and weren't familiar with the new mobile stuff, Jetpack seemed to be a simple way to present your website on smartphones. Today it is different, but some people still like the mobile theme of Jetpack, or want to make it easy for themselves. But Jetpack doesn't need it, as I already wrote in my manual back then, in which I explained how to use Use Jetack Mobile Theme without Jetpack can. It still works. If you want it more extensive, just pick up WPtouch back, but then he has to pay.

Beautiful Math

Mathematical formulas in WordPress? Some people need something like that, because not everyone communicates a simple topic. In Jetpack, Beautiful Math integrates the markup language LaTex, but even for that, you don't need a complete Jetpack plugin. Easy WP LaTeX allows pretty much the same, is up-to-date and well maintained, should satisfy every user. A successful alternative, considering how much Ballast Jetpack is still carrying around.

infinite scroll

The infinite scrolling became a big hype with Jetpack, because suddenly everyone wanted to scroll infinitely, as it is called in English. If the visitor scrolls to the bottom, further articles are automatically reloaded and displayed. So the end is only when there are no more articles. This is quite practical, because no loading of additional pages is needed, the visitor simply gets more and more articles displayed. But Infinite Scroll is an old hat and Jetpack is certainly not necessary for this technique. A wonderful WordPress plugin with the name Infinite-Scroll I can recommend it to you here, because I have used it myself and it runs very reliable and clean.


A Content Delivery Network (CDN for short) can bring a lot of performance. But many German users often forget that the servers of CDNs like Photon are located in America. And the theoretical performance is again only theoretical, because a server in America is slower than a German one. Nevertheless, a CDN can take the load off your own server and there are hardly any German alternatives. Photon is free of charge and that's fantastic, because this is not normal for CDNs. But a CDN is not expensive either, like for example MAXcdn and CloudFlare. Who does not want running costs, can still Google Drive as CDN look at. A plugin that uses the free memory of Google Drive as CDN. In the meantime there is also a self-hosted photon on GitHub, for all users with enough knowledge and strong servers.


Hosting videos yourself is not necessarily recommended. It consumes a lot of memory and eats up a lot of resources while playing, Youtube is usually the better alternative. Nevertheless, it can make sense for a landing page or a small blog to host the videos themselves, so that they can be changed and replaced again and again. VideoPress should be mentioned here, because the module of Jetpack is also available as a real WordPress plugin since a long time. The videos are hosted at uploaded, which is why it needs an account here. However, these are not stored for free, but there are no additional traffic fees, as with many other video hosts. A nice and simple alternative to Youtube, or your own server.


Protect in the Jetpack Plugin is the service of BruteProtectformerly a normal WordPress plugin, before it was bought by Automattic and integrated into Jetpack. The whole thing is not very complex and based on simple IP blacklists. Such lists are available for .htaccess for example herealternatively, the NinjaFirewall WordPress Pluginwhich provides more security, works in a resource-saving way and also blocks all attacks from the outset.

Jetpack alternatives - it is worth it!

Now we have reached the end and the search was partly quite complex. Nevertheless you can be proud of the list, because it shows how active the community of WordPress is. If you still think Jetpack is an exclusive collection of powerful plugins, you have hopefully learned a better lesson. Most of the functions are also available separately, so you can do without all the ballast of Jetpack. The use of single plugins makes much more sense, because this way you can do without a lot of code and functions of Jetpack, where you have to disable everything you don't want, but you know that it is in the code and inflates it unnecessarily. If you think like we do, you can now use one or more of the Jetpack alternatives.

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  1. Hello,

    run a blog myself, have been living without a jetpack for some time. Problem is that I often miss new comments. Is there anything alterantives to be notified when new comments are posted?



    1. actually WordPress notifies you by default when new comments have been written. So for this Jetpack is not necessary in any case.
      Have a look under Settings > Discussion how the settings are set there. There you can at least set some settings concerning this topic.

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