WordPress and the ballast

With WordPress, as you know, this is always one of those things. Actually, the CMS is already really comfortable and practical. But what is comfortable and practical, that is usually not very fast, we have learned. That's the same with WordPress, but with certain settings you can get a lot out of it. Nevertheless WordPress integrates annoying standards and many of these "Standards" make absolutely no sense, are simply not needed by most users. Some of them are used by hackers as a reference for the version of WordPress they are using, others are a permanent security risk, while others simply make sure that WordPress or your blog is slower - that's what it should be. All these things can be removed by hand and with snippets, but for beginners this is usually already too much of a good thing. Now they simply use Lighthouse, because it removes ballast from WordPress with the push of a button.

Lighthouse makes WordPress slim

Lighthouse is a premium plugin for WordPress, which has made it its business to reduce WordPress mercilessly. The base is cored out with a simple click, so that really everyone, even beginners, can make appropriate settings. With Lighthouse, for example, the entire cleansed of meaningless content, XML-RPC and Automatic Updates can be disabled, version parameters and Emojis are switched off. Everything with simple checkboxes and everything super practical and simply packed into a simple plugin. But it can do much more than that, because useful tweaks are also included, just like a cleaning routine. So Lighthouse replaces extensions like WP-Sweepor WP-Optimize, which normally provide a clean WordPress installation once a month.

Basic, practically packed

Now you can surely already see it by the links in the upper section. Actually, deactivating the unnecessary functions is one of the standards which should be done directly after the installation of WordPress. Actually. Because as I said: For many beginners snippets are already much too complex and still I constantly come across blogs where all these entries and functions are still there, not even the entries in the were removed correctly there. Sad, because with the deactivation and removal of the various nuisances that WordPress brings along, the whole CMS can be accelerated and pushed even more. We are also talking about tuning at the lowest level, where not much has to be changed, but only the superfluous has to be deactivated. With Lighthouse, even newcomers can do this.

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  1. Hello and thank you for the article!

    It's getting a bit long in the tooth with 2015. Is the Lighthouse plugin still the WP slimmer or are there better tools now?

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