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In today's article I will introduce a special WordPress theme of "Templatemonster" - it's about the theme "Monstroid 2"

What is Template Monster?

Template Monster is one of the largest marketplaces for themes. Templates, graphics as well as plugins and extensions for a wide variety of CMS systems.

Basically it is a similar marketplace as Envato market which also offers a huge marketplace with Themeforest and Co.

I would like to claim that both marketplaces basically not so much different - but personally I am actually only for Envato and not (yet) for Template Monster.

In today's article we would like to test the WordPress Multipurpose Theme Monstroid2 which has been developed exclusively by Templatemonster and is distributed exclusively on this marketplace.

Current data on Monstroid2

Developer:ZEMEZ (template monster)
Sales:11,912 (09.12.2019)
Ratings:320 (5 of 5 stars)

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The first version of Monstroid was released in 2017. To make the theme fit perfectly to the Elementor Pagebuilder the entire code was reworked and the theme was republished.

The theme is a so called Multi Purpose Theme, so it is in a league with the Avada Theme or the Divi Theme.

🧐 What is a Multipurpose Theme?
Basically, these are "universally applicable themes" which can be used for industry or for any kind of website. This is achieved by extremely extensive setting options and often a variety of ready-made layouts that can be loaded directly as an import. I can create out of the box e.g. a website for a doctor's site or an online shop on the topic XYZ.

Installation of Monstroid2

The ZIP folder of Monstroid2 contains a documentation, the theme + child theme, a folder with plugins and a folder Theme Wizard. The pure theme has only 1.77MB in zipped format.

After activating the theme, you will find instructions on how to install the necessary plugins.

The first step is to install the Jet Plugins Wizard which is loaded from an external source. After activation, the page offers the actual installation wizard.

⚠️ For the installation of the necessary plugins, demos etc. an active license is required which you can find in your template monster customer account under Downloads.

What irritated me a bit is the aspect that I am really asked to install a finished demo right at the beginning. Basically this is ok, but not everyone wants to start with a complete demo. I personally expect a certain separation here. So installation of the default plugins which are necessary for the theme in any case and finally the optional selection for the demo import.

Anyway - now you can choose the "skin" directly and the necessary plugins will be installed accordingly. I choose the supposed default theme with the name Monstroid2.

Unfortunately the import did not go through cleanly! The first two plugins were installed but the Elementor had the egg timer. The Elementor was already installed but after a 10min wait I cancelled the whole thing.

Frankly speaking, "problematic import functions" have bothered me in the past, but so far this has happened to me rather with more "unknown" themes from Themeforest. It shouldn't be the server performance (raidboxes) - maybe a basic security setting of RB caused a problem.

After I refreshed the site, the next 3 plugins were installed - at ContactForm7 then the same game, then again at Woocommerce and then the process was finished.

When I asked the Templatemonster Support I got the expected standard answer that it is probably the hoster, so too little performance. Furthermore a problem with PHP 7.3 was suspected. I should try 7.2. or 7.1. I don't want to exclude this, but maybe there is a problem with the import. In the end, the process was completed without any problems.

In the last step I started the import of the pure demo content. This went through cleanly. I liked the fact that there was a permanent progress bar.

Monstroid2 Demos

A few words about the Monstroid2 demo pages.

I really have to say, these make a very good impression. The individual layouts are very different and there are many different topics.

I compare here now once with the Divi Theme. At least from the header / menu they look the same - the Monstroid2 demos are quite different. Here you can find completely unique designs that differ strongly from each other.

I especially liked the shop demos and also the magazine/blog themes.

Absolute plus point for the Monstroid2!

Monstroid2 features, functions and settings

Theme panel

The settings for the Monstroid2 Theme are divided into 2 areas. On the one hand, there is a kind of dashboard where I can check my Monstroid2 plugins, import new demos, as well as change various settings.

Especially the area for the settings of the individual blog posts stands out. In total there are 13 different layouts for your articles.

Sometimes I find the options for a Divi or an Avada too limited - if I want special article layouts I have to do it myself pretty fast. With the great selection of Monstroid2 there is surely something for everyone.

Under Design > Customizer you will find the extensive setting options that we are used to with "good multipurpose" WordPress themes.

With Monstroid2, the following points should be highlighted:

  • individual adaptability of all fonts and headlines (color, font size, style, spacing, line height, text alignment)
  • Individual settings for WooCommerce such as the structure of product pages, arrangement and columns or individual adjustments for the checkout
  • different header options such as Top Header

Basically a lot of setting options. However, it must be clearly stated that the Divi or the Avada offer far more options. A good average to configure basic things.

Monstroid2 Plugins Overview

The Monstroid2 comes with a large number of different plugins. Some of them are mandatory to run the theme. Others provide interesting options and functions. Here is a short overview:

  • Contact Form Builder by HubSpot
  • Elementor Pagebuilder (base)
  • JetThemeCore
  • JetElements
  • JetTabs
  • JetMenu
  • JetBlog
  • JetBlocks
  • JetTricks
  • JetWooBuilder
  • JetPopUp
  • Jet Data Importer
  • jet reviews
  • Jet SmartFilters
  • JetSearch
  • JetProductGallery
  • JetCompare&Wishlist
  • Kava Extra
  • Slider Revolution

The following plug-ins can be purchased as optional extras:

  • Jetengine (dynamic content for the elementor)
  • JetBooking (booking extension for the Elementor)
  • JetStyleManager (advanced options to customize pages with the elementor)

You see, there's a lot of stuff being delivered. I did not check the single plugins in detail but with these plugins the functionality is already extended noticeably.

Plugins like PopUps, search, galleries or the review extension are already top. In the end, there are a lot of plugins that might run there and can also improve the performance - but I like the fact that 100% comes from one source, the developers of Monstroid2.

An absolute plus point for multipurpose enthusiasts. If I stay true to my line and use the Divi and the Avada for comparison, this is definitely place 1 for the Monstroid2.

Monstroid2 Performance

Now things are finally getting interesting. Great layout, many plugins and functions as well as extensive setting options are great, but often we end up with "heavyweight" themes that load slowly and demand a lot from your server every time they are called.

Here is an overview of our test environment:

  • Hosting - Raidboxes Starter Package with 2GB RAM and a vCore - Caching active at RB
  • installed plugins: CF7, Elementor, JetBlocks, JetBlog, JetElements, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetThemCore, JetTricks
  • as layout the standard Monstroid2 layout runs

I am aware that it is of course not possible to compare 100% between the individual multipurpose themes. I have completely disabled plugins like WooCommerce, PopUps etc. and think that with the current plugins about the same functions and layouts are possible as with an Avada or even a Divi theme - at least halfway.

monstroid2 gTmetrix

So what we can hold on to in any case - the demo layout is regarding the graphics in no way directly ready for use. There are some .svg graphics with more than 1,2MB. Because of this size I don't want to discourage the 3.7sec loading time but considering that there are many users who load a demo, adjust 2.3 texts and pictures and then go live with such a page - I think that you can "bring it out" a bit more optimized by default. In any case this makes the Divi as well as the Avada noticeably better.

Since the graphics really "break" the statistics here, I'm testing the Monstroid2 again in a slim test page without a pre-installed demo.

I would like to mention that the Monstroid2.... is, as its name suggests, a complete redesign of its predecessor. The code was rebuilt from scratch, processes were optimized and code was reduced.

and lo and behold:

Even though we don't load any graphics, functions and elements here, the theme runs with all its scripts, CSS and plugins and here you have to say "Hats off". That looks very good. As in the first test we can see that the Monstroid2 already comes with standard optimizations like Minify or JS optimization.

The pure page size of 545KB is very good for such an extensive theme. I admit, here I am very positively surprised!

Monstroid2 Bibliothek🤓

There is one area of Monstroid2 that I would like to describe in more detail - I call it the library. As soon as you start the elementor, you will find a blue button "Magic Button" next to the normal functions.

This will take you to the library of Monstroid2 where you will have a huge selection of finished pages but also elements of all kinds. No matter if price tables, team overviews, various service & performance presentations - the selection is really top.

But that's not all. You can still load many different headers, footers and sections. The makers have done a lot of "pre-work" and for the joy of the "finished design" this is probably the land of plenty.

Absolute plus point and even if I can of course save individual elements from the demos in a Divi or Avada into the library - here everything is already finished and you can start right away.

Some of you may know the Newspaper Theme - one of the best selling magazine and blog themes on themeforest. Here you can find a similarly large selection.

Monstroid2 Advantages

  • many different demo layouts for different topics (incl. WooCommerce templates and blog templates)
  • ingenious library with an unbelievable number of ready elements that can be imported
  • extensive number and additional plugins (directly from the developer of Monstroid2)
  • clean, slim code - about 500kB size
  • basic performance optimizations like Minify or defer parsing JS are provided by the theme
  • fast support - I had 2 questions during my review. The support reacted extremely fast (in both cases under 1min)

Monstroid2 Disadvantages

  • you should not use the demos directly because graphics are imported much too large and >10MB of data is quickly accumulated
  • because of the many plugins, the plugin overview is quite extensive (that may be a matter of taste, I find the optimal deactivation and activation as it is done e.g. with the Astra, better)
  • Problems with the demo import, at least for me
  • the price, with 79$ you are a bit higher than the known prices of multipurpose themes on themeforest (Avada 60$, X theme 59$) but in fact this would be a high level of complaining because 10$ is more than you can cope with if you see that you get as a customer in the end.


I admit frankly that I was a little critical of this test. When it comes to multipurpose themes I currently use the Astra Theme + Divi Builder. Nevertheless I must say that I am very positively surprised.

The theme comes with an extremely extensive library of complete demo pages, as well as individual sections. The additional plugins extend the functions significantly and especially plugins like the Review Plugin or the PopUp Plugin save you the additional search for good and possibly free options.

The performance is astonishingly good and the theme is not overloaded despite the extensive setting options and the many plug-ins, and at about 500kB it is surprisingly "slim".

The support team helped quickly and effectively.

What else can I say here. the Monstroid2 is definitely a great option as a multipurpose theme and I definitely recommend to buy it!

Monstroid2 Evaluation

Scope of functions
Overall impression

fastWP Overall rating for the monstroid2: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Thanks for this test report!
    Very interesting.
    Personally, I find the current themes rather poor in terms of performance. That was otherwise different. But now with the builders and the many plugins it is partly a catastrophe.
    At first I thought that this theme has similar high sales figures as AVADA, if there is a report about it here, but the low sales figures surprised me. Is a test report about AVADA or also DIVI planned?

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