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Donation form with PayPal.Me

Since some time PayPal has created the service PayPal.Me. PayPal.Me makes payment very easy, because there are no more detours through any forms necessary. If you want to send payments to friends, acquaintances, but also business, you can simply enter them in the form and send it. Much easier than via the dashboard of PayPal. Because the amount can be chosen freely, it is obvious to use PayPal.Me also for donations. I had tried this myself some time ago and created a form that allowed users to enter an amount in advance to support the blog with a payment. This is actually not difficult at all and that's what this article is about. How do you implement a donation form with PayPal.Me where the amount can be entered in advance? Let's find out.

1. First of all you have your PayPal.Me link to work with. This link can be extended with a number, so that exactly this amount is used for the following payment. From "" will, for example "", to use 15 Euro as a placeholder instead of the usual zero Euro. It's very simple.

2. Now that you know how easy it is to get different values from a URL, you can build an input field that manipulates exactly this value. So the user can simply enter a number which is then appended to the URL and redirected accordingly. The whole thing looks like this:

Tip here please!

3. The form should now be embellished a little bit, which is easily possible with CSS. Either you insert it into your existing CSS, or you use the style tags and integrate the code directly below the form. Either way, there are no limits in the design. An example from me would be this one:

4. If you like, you can now use simple Javascript to ensure that only numbers can be entered in the form. You can find a sample code here on this site. You can take it 1 to 1 and add it below the form.

5. That's all there is to it. Now, where you have integrated all the code, you should see a form that looks like mine here.

PayPal donation form with input

Simple and above all effective

So with the help of PayPal.Me it is very easy to create a donation form, where users can choose the amount freely and then only have to click "Donate". The whole thing is kept very simple and thus much easier than a similar variant with the normal PayPal links. Moreover, PayPal.Me is simply designed in a modern way and makes the payment much more comfortable than the old-fashioned form of PayPal itself. I like the possibility and hopefully you do too. Tell me your opinion in the comments, or show me how you designed and implemented your donation buttons.

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