What is a placeholder image?

A placeholder image is always needed if there is no content yet. When designing WordPress Themeswhen trying out different image sizes in their effect, with concepts. A placeholder image is basically the same as a placeholder text. The Lorem Ipsum template is often used for text, or a corresponding Generatorwhich easily and quickly creates a natural looking text. But for pictures such a possibility is often missing. Placeholder images, just like Lorem Ipsum or placeholder texts, are used where there is no content yet. If you want an image to appear in your design, but you don't know this image yet. Or if you need a neutral representation, monochrome and without distracting motives. Not only can they change a design, but they can also make a concept look very strange and unclean. So placeholder images are empty or monochrome graphics, which have the desired dimensions and are used where real pictures, photos or graphics are to be displayed later. So the picture element is already present in the code, can be formatted and integrated correctly, but looks completely neutral.

Placeholder image generator

There is basically no standard for this, i.e. there is no generator that everyone uses. Creating placeholder images by hand in Photoshop etc. is also very tedious, time-consuming and basically quite annoying. In addition, the images have to be linked correctly, which is also too much work for online concepts, because the upload has to be done first. This slows down the process and is simply a waste of time during design. All not very practical. But there is a solution to the problem and it is called PlaceholdIt. The project offers directly copyable img tags that can be included as is. The URL alone allows the image to be manipulated in size, color and texture. So you can define the text on the image, the color of text and image, the size and all this on-the-fly, so without actually creating and saving an image. The images are generated live directly via the URL. If you want to, you can save them to your hard drive with a right click, but the advantage is the direct availability via the img tag, which can be integrated into a page immediately.

Perfect design with placeholders

I have been using PlaceholdIt for my own purposes for years. The service is reliable, has always been available and can be used directly and live. Alternatively the generated placeholder images can be saved and used regularly. This saves the exact creation in a program like Photoshop. On the website of PlaceholdIt, there are not only tags and direct links to the image, but also instructions and examples for further adjustments. So you can freely choose the text within the graphic, dynamically adjust the color of graphic and text, text size and more. Pretty cool and very practical. By the way, the service is provided by ImgIxa service that adjusts and edits images live via the URL. Also interesting and at least worth a look. But I do not want to leave the topic. If you are looking for and using placeholder images, you can't avoid PlaceholdIt. In my opinion the best offer in this area, especially because it can be used on-the-fly. Anyone who uses placeholders or is just looking for such a possibility has to take a closer look at the service at least once.


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