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Playful for safety

With All In One WP Security I have now looked at another quite popular WordPress Security Plugin. The plugin is sprouting out of the ground like something else and there is a reason for that, because with all the enhancements lately security holes become more and more common and the more WordPress spreads and becomes the standard, the more it becomes a target for attacks. All In One WP Security wants to counteract this in a quite interesting way. Unlike all the other WordPress Security plugins, All In One WP Security is aimed at beginners and makes optimizing security a breeze. Time to take a look at the popular extension in detail.

security high score

All In One WP Security looks a little bit at first glance "cobbled together" I would like to say, is therefore not necessarily a well-designed miracle in terms of menu navigation. On the contrary, it seems quite static and not very intuitive. Nevertheless, All In One WP Security tries to be attractive for beginners, because it makes customizing and optimizing a kind of "Game" after Achievements. At the beginning I see my score on a speedometer and the higher it is, the better I have optimized WordPress for security. This is practical because I can see directly where I am with my website at the moment and how far my blog is already secured. But does something like that really have its right to exist? Does a WordPress plugin with its settings and functions have to make a kind of high score palatable?

Completely thrown together

The functional diversity of All In One WP Security is great, but in the end only standards are included. The functions are similar to those of other WordPress Security Plugins, but seem a bit more "stolen together" respectively "rounded up". As if nobody really thought about it, but simply integrated all possibilities into one plugin in a way that even beginners can activate them quickly and directly. Some people might find this practical, but it doesn't leave the best impression on me. An example for this is also the 5G Firewall by Jeff Starrwhich is great, but can also be inserted by hand and has nothing to do with the plugin itself. So in the end, all this seems to me a bit "thrown together" and this is not necessarily the impression I want to get from a security plugin.

All-in-one concept

In the end, however, the name All In One WP Security was chosen quite appropriately. Nothing of prominent developers or security companies seems to be integrated here, rather it is a collection of well-known tweaks and useful codes that serve the security. All well and good, just nothing I want to install on my blog. Nevertheless everything is included that serves security even remotely. A small firewall, tweaks against brute force attacks, a possibility to change the database prefix and to monitor users and registrations. All-in-One hits the nail on the head. The question is just whether I as a user am so taken with the All-in-One idea. Because we know that those who can do everything a little bit are not really good at anything.

Conclusion on All In One WP Security

Personally I am not at all impressed by the principle of the plugin. As I have mentioned several times now, All In One WP Security works for me. The functions can all be implemented without a plugin, the menu navigation I don't find practical, all in all the extension doesn't inspire confidence in me. It certainly serves its purpose, but one thing users should always remember: Plugins are always a potential security risk and also security plugins are not automatically clean and efficient programmed just because they should serve security. Theoretically, anyone can develop such a plugin and use Worpdress.org no matter how well he knows about WordPress and security. Anyway, the collection is not enough for me and even if All In One WP Security gets many worthwhile features, I personally would not use it. There are simply better free security plugins for WordPress and they have already been presented here. With this in mind: Take a look at the other articles in this series.


All In One WP Security on wordpress.org
All In One WP Security Website

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  1. Danial Wilson

    Hello .... Nice plugin collections.
    I would suggest a plugin related to security which is User Blocker - WordPress plugin. This is a free WordPress security plugin that provides the ability to quickly and easily block or unblock user accounts. It has several features like block user, role based block user, customizable message, etc.

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