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Sucuri Security under test

When talking about WordPress Security, the name "WordPress Security" is often mentioned Sucuri. For example by the Partnership with Yoastor by the fact that the company has, time and again. security vulnerabilities revealed. Of course, all this is ultimately only for self-promotion, because Sucuri offers solutions adapted to WordPress for security. On the one hand, the company provides a real firewall, on the other hand an AntiVirus service. Both are not unimportant, because WordPress is often a target for attacks and all the unclean plug-ins often contain major security holes. In the previous articles I already had a lot of prominent plugins in the test and Sucuri also joins the list with great popularity. But what's up with the company's service and how good is the offer in the end really? Time to take a closer look at Sucuri Security.

Firewall and AntiVirus

At Sucuri Security, a fundamental distinction must now be made between two products. At WordPress.org there are also two different WordPress plugins. One of them integrates the Sucuri Firewall and is not available for free. The firewall is only available for paying customers for $9.99 per month. There the free competition delivers more, for example the Ninja firewall. The second plugin concerns general security. Sucuri Security is called the same and scans the blog for malicious code. Although there is also the possibility to generate a free API key, Sucuri Security is basically designed for payment. Advertising in the sidebar of the plugin, very limited functions - If you don't pay here, you won't get much more than a simple scan. This is already more than clear right after activating the extension.

Sucuri Security Firewall
The Sucuri Firewall, like all firewalls, switches itself directly in front of the server and does not let "bad" requests through in the first place. This saves traffic and brings performance and security.

Make WordPress more secure

The free plugin from Sucuri Security therefore delivers no more than the standards. Also under the menu item "Hardening" there is only what basically all Security Plugins for WordPress offer. For example, the ban on PHP files in the upload folder, a deactivation of the theme and plugin editor, and much more. Just all the standards that should be kept anyway and that are also offered in other extensions. For free, Sucuri Security seems to bring hardly anything worth mentioning, which really makes the competition much better. Especially the just mentioned WordPress plugin NinjaFirewall, provides a lot of protection for free and even the WP+ version of the extension is cheaper than Sucuri Security. But why is the provider so popular and why so widespread? Is it all just marketing?

Premium for large websites

No, I wouldn't say that. Sucuri Security is rather aimed at professional and large customers, but not at the small bloggers with their 50,000 visitors a month. They get free help and effective protection with other extensions, but Sucuri Security is more aimed at the heavyweights. Those who have to take the topic of security seriously, because a failure or infestation could cause a lot of trouble and problems, eat money and cause losses.

Such large providers get much more from Sucuri Security. Besides the strong firewall, the AntiVirus Service is also included. But the best thing is: Sucuri Security takes care of all your needs. The company +guards your blog with scans and monitoring, they also intervene actively in case of an infection and clean your website. So if malware or a virus is detected, Sucuri Security removes the malicious code instead of just reporting it. This is the biggest difference to the other plugins. They may be free or cheaper, but they usually only alert you to problems. With Sucuri Security, the security company itself is behind it, which becomes active in case of a case and eliminates the problem for you. Security all along the line.

Sucuri Security AntiVirus
The advantage of Sucuri Security is that you don't just buy a plugin, you give the security completely off. So if malicious code is introduced, Sucuri as a security company will immediately take care that it is removed cleanly.

Cost factor and recommendations

As I said, Sucuri Security tends to target large websites. For the small blog from next door, the inexpensive extensions, which usually offer enough security for everyday attacks, are also sufficient. Nevertheless, the prices of Sucuri turned out to be very humane. Depending on how quickly a virus or problem should be fixed, you pay more or less. 199.99 dollars per year, so that the malicious code disappears within 12 hours. $299.99 per year, so that the malicious code is removed in just 6 hours.

As well as $499.99 per year to remove the malicious code in just 4 hours and keep the site under constant surveillance. Also the scans etc. ultimately depend on the price. Basically, the more you pay, the better Sucuri takes care of your website and reacts faster. Included in the price are firewall and AntiVirus, there is nothing to complain about, in my opinion. Nevertheless: For small websites too much, too expensive, simply unnecessary.

Sucuri Security Prices
The prices are, at least for professional blogs, kept very fair. Who pays more, gets help faster.

Conclusion on Sucuri Security

Let's get the facts on the table. Sucuri Security is not aimed at small blogs, but at the larger ones, for whom the subject of security is of major importance. People like to save money here, but Sucuri Security offers very reasonable prices, at least for large blogs. Just keep in mind that Sucuri also takes care of the removal. Once set up, Sucuri Security is like an invisible employee who takes care of the security of your blog in the background. This is fully automated and you don't have to worry about it anymore, you can concentrate on other things. A good feeling, isn't it?

But you can immediately give up the illusion that there is anything free at Sucuri Security. The plugin for WordPress is designed for Premium throughout, the functions are extremely limited in the free version. If you are looking for something free, you should take a closer look at the other plugins in this article series. Sucuri Security is aimed at larger websites that are willing to spend a few hundred euros per year for security. This is not really expensive and therefore worth a look. It will also be interesting to see how Sucuri will develop in the future. Recently already announcedthat the company also wants to get involved in performance and is building up a cloudflare alternative. The annual fee should then be worth it all the more.


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