Trouble with the WordPress backups

When a WordPress website is hacked, the stress and hassle are often gigantic. First of all, security has to be provided, which basically can only be achieved by a completely new installation. Then old files have to be restored, but backups are often incomplete, many don't even back up their data regularly.

The Wpmu Dev Plugin Snapshot is a remedy for this problem. It creates easy and direct backups of your WordPress installation. If you want, you can use it with all plugins and settings, or without the additional ballast. Snapshot offers a lot of possibilities and is therefore a good choice for all who are looking for a simple and effective method to create backups of WordPress.

The right WordPress Backup Plugin

Surely you will have stumbled across one or the other backup plugin for WordPress, but many of them don't work properly in the end. Suddenly, backups are stored in fragments, so in case of an emergency you will have problems with the installation of old data again. Interesting are of course good services like VaultPress, but honestly: Who wants and can afford such a thing? So all that remains are a lot of plugins, some of which work, others don't.

Snapshot works for sure, because Wpmu Dev stands for quality, at least if you ask me. The possibilities with the WordPress plugin are quite big, because in the end it saves all relevant data and comes up with charming options.

WordPress Backups with Snapshot

The extension is quickly activated and then adds a new menu item. There you can easily make backups of your WordPress installation, all points are explained quite clearly. So you can save only the posts or all settings and plugins.

You can create backups directly, or send them to Dropbox, Amazon S3, GreenQloud, and FTP/sFTP. Of course the latter is recommended, because if backups are on the same server as the WordPress installation, you are not really protected. If the server crashes or a hard disk is damaged, the backups are gone, which hackers could also delete or even manipulate. So backups belong to external storage.

Conclusion on Snapshot

There are many free WordPress plugins to quickly and directly pull backups. But when it comes to security, I am always sceptical about free extensions. Furthermore, these free plugins are often not reasonably optimized and basically every teenager can program such an extension.

Behind Snapshot is Wpmu Dev, a large website with many powerful and extensive plugins. All this is no guarantee for quality, but Snapshot works and does what it promises. So in the end the only question is if you really want to spend money for a backup plugin. If so, then Snapshot might be the right. If not, you'll find at WordPress a lot of free pluginswhich mostly also serve their purpose.


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