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You want to have your own Conveniently set up a forum under WordPress and you can't decide, which plugin you want to take for it? Our following list shows you which possibilities there are and which TOP 10 plugins for a forum under WordPress really make sense.

Why set up a forum under WordPress?

There are many reasons to integrate a forum area:

  • You run an online shop and want to integrate a platform where your customers can exchange information about your products.
  • You want to use the forum as an opportunity to generate new visitors.
  • You would like to use the forum as an alternative to classic support.

In any case, the implementation of a forum is best done in a playful way for you. Here plugins help a lot. Forums extend the portfolio of a website and still enjoy great popularity. You should also consider integrating your own platform for the exchange of opinions and questions on your website from time to time.

Because there is a quite large selection of plugins for a forum area, we present here only the 10 best WordPress plugins, with which you can create your own forum for any topic you can think of, quickly and easily.

1st BuddyPress - the most popular plugin for forums with social media connection

BuddyPress is clearly the most popular plugin in WordPress with which you can create a large community around the topic of your website. The official WordPress plugin has a lot to offer. With various Template Packs you can creatively change the design at any time. In addition, you can make a lot of individual settings in the backend.

Not everyone trusts Facebook and other social networks. BuddyPress therefore offers itself as a real alternative for creating a fan community and building your own network. Of course there is also the possibility to integrate existing Facebook accounts.

BuddyPress is much more than a pure forum plugin. This useful plugin adds your own social network to your website and includes all important functions like the creation of your own profile pages, groups and forums. Very recommendable and you should really try BuddyPress.

2nd DW Question & Answer

This completely free plugin for WordPress, helps you to create a forum area on your website quickly and easily. All important functions such as shortcodes, e-mail notification and extensive language support make DW Question & Answer one of the most popular plugins in a small forum.

Numerous internal filters, allow you creative freedom. Suppose interested users ask a question in the forum and other readers answer it. Then you can filter the best answers and ensure your readers the best interaction with the highest added value. Private chats are also possible. All in all, DW Question & Answer offers a wide range of possibilities and provides all imaginable options for an all-round complete forum software.

3. bbPress

This is a very common solution if you want to integrate a forum into your website. Despite the simple structures, hardly any wishes remain open concerning your creative freedom. All individual needs will be satisfied. All WordPress Themes, which also work with BuddyPress, are suitable for this plugin.

A new theme can be set up playfully in the WordPress backend. Numerous configuration options are available. More than 300.000 active installations, the forum software bbPress has become one of the most popular forum plugins for the CMS WordPress. Just test the plugin if you are looking for a simple but powerful forum software (for free)!

4. wpForo Forum

The forum plugin wpForo is a slim but at the same time quite extensive extension. Thanks to modern layouts and a good performance the Plugin developer more than 10,000 active installations and an increasing number of positive evaluations.

In terms of functions, the plugin wpForo Forum is powerful and versatile. Different layouts and designs, drag and drop implementation, social networking, integration of BuddyPress and built-in forum SEO options provide you with numerous possibilities. Convince yourself and try wpForo Forum as a forum software.

5th Asgaros Forum

The Asgaros Forum is an ideal WordPress plugin to add a powerful platform for discussions to your website. The variety of possibilities is impressive. Asgaros Forum shines with a simple structure and you can create individual forums for your visitors in no time. Your visitors will benefit from this and regarding speed, easy handling and setting options, the up-and-coming forum plugin has a lot to offer.

The variable modules and settings for search engine optimization are also interesting. You can see who is online at any time, you can manage profiles and the member list and widgets optimize the Asgaros Forum as a WordPress Forum plugin to a real alternative to the more popular names.

6th Discussion Board

This forum for discussions is a very simple and quick way to enrich your website with the right platform for lively discussions. With just a few clicks, the Discussion Board creates a forum in no time at all. Users can quickly register and subscribe to further contributions and answers. Important is the fact that you as the operator have many possibilities to control the forum. Release or reject posts, edit or report, many possibilities are open to you.

If you don't want to optimize the board or if you just want to integrate a forum quickly and without major adjustments, you can do this very easily and quickly with the Discussion Board by using automatic settings. Try it out yourself! More than 2000 active installations and very good ratings catapult this forum software to our list of the 10 best forum plugins for WordPress.

7. pressing on

This is an OpenSource project of the developers around Rahul Aryan. The developer-friendly plugin for "Questions and Answers", was programmed in a pleasantly slim way and does not influence the speed of your website negatively. Available in several languages, drag and drop implementation and push notifications are just some of the features of this project within a forum software.

But AnsPress is not limited to a pure question-answer forum for WordPress. Many other features like bugtracker, support-tickets, FAQ and shortcodes will extend the range of functions for you - completely free! You should also take a closer look at this WordPress forum plugin if you are looking for a powerful alternative.

8. CM Answers

The plugin for WordPress CM Answers, allows you to set up an extensive question-answer portal on your website. The basic version is free of charge, but the functionality is a little bit limited. CM Answers can be easily integrated into almost every WordPress theme and is fully compatible with most plugins. Users can rate the answers.

However, you will need to purchase the Premium version to enjoy additional features. For example to edit profiles, mark the best answers and a social media connection. CM Answers is not only a question-answer plugin, but can only be used effectively as a forum with added value in the paid version. Nevertheless you should at least try the free basic version.

9 Simple:Press

This small and useful forum plugin for WordPress, offers you all relevant functions and is also free of charge. On every mobile device, Simple:Press makes a good impression. The successful documentation is also very helpful if you have any questions about how to use it.

Furthermore, the configuration options are not to be sneezed at. A lot of settings allow you creative freedom and you can create your own small forum on your website. This is good to increase the degree of popularity and may help you to reach new target groups and streams of visitors. Because the architecture of the Simple:Press forum plugin is easily extensible and configurable, the small but nice plugin deserves to be on our list.

10th Sabai Discuss for WordPress

If you prefer a minimalist style, Sabai Discuss for WordPress is the perfect solution for you. Basically Sabai Discuss is more of a question-answer plugin, but can be configured similar to a forum. You can arrange all categories clearly and even mark the best answers.

What is striking is the fact that no superfluous "knick-knacks" are used at all. You can install the Sabai Discuss Plugin without hesitation if you put more emphasis on a clear design and only answer the questions of your visitors. Otherwise highly recommended and worth the own test in any case.

Conclusion on the 10 best forum plugins for WordPress 2020

For the most part, the plugins are completely free. Besides such plugins are suitable Plugins for forums best to build and strengthen your own community. You should definitely try one of the TOP 10 and integrate a forum function into your website. No matter if you have a private website or an online shop: A forum with the implementation of social media is a good opportunity for you to increase your own awareness level and to build and maintain a growing community.

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