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To optimize your WordPress page for SEO, an all-in one SEO plugin is available. Such plugins take over the basic settings and most important functions from meta-descriptions to sitemaps. This article deals with the fact that best SEO plugin for your WordPress website. We will take a look at the three most popular options. Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and the newcomer Rank Math.

What exactly is OnPage SEO?

While offpage optimization also includes measures such as link building and social media marketing, onpage optimization (only) refers to all those measures that can be implemented directly on the website to improve the rankings in the long term. These include, for example:

  • the optimization of the website loading times,
  • the usability optimization for desktop and mobile devices,
  • a qualitative upgrading of the contents with regard to structure & readability and
  • an extension and/or improvement of the internal linking.

So not only plugins that help you to generate clearly structured and readable content belong to the category of SEO tools: Also plugins, which ensure faster loading times, can be called onpage SEO tools. And even more: Even Related Posts plugins (as long as they don't affect the performance too much) secretly belong to the OnPage SEO Tools in our opinion - after all, user signals like time-on-site, conversion and bounce rate, just like the internal linking itself, are important ranking factors.

All-in-One SEO Plugins for WordPress

All-in-one SEO tools cover several areas at once and offer a kind of all-round carefree package (well, let's just say basic package). Some of the best known representatives are the SEO plugin from Yoast das All in One SEO Pack or the new star in the sky "RankMath". But these extensions are not without alternatives.

All in One SEO Pack

This plugin stands out especially in Beginner-friendly off. In any case it offers the basics for a solid SEO performance and can currently proudly claim more than 2 million have active installations.

All in One SEO Pack Features

Just as popular as Yoast's plugin is the All in One SEO Pack, which has been installed over 45,000,000 times since 2007. This makes the WordPress extension one of the most downloaded plugins ever. Concerning the range of functions the plugin is more or less comparable to Yoast SEO.

In terms of memory consumption and thus the impact on performance, the two most prominent representatives of the All-in-One solutions are also on par - but equally bad, as you will see in our article "WordPress SEO Plugins in performance test"...for the next few days. 

You can create meta descriptions, edit titles, URLs and link attributes such as "no follow" for comments, blog entries or also add pages.

Here is the full overview of the features:

The individual features can be switch on and off as desired.

Especially interesting is the "Bad Bot Blocker", which should protect your website from bots that can negatively affect the performance of your WordPress page. Furthermore, the list of blocked agents can also be completed manually.

All in One SEO Pack User interface

The user interface is also designed for beginners. The Options of the individual features only appear in the dashboard when the user has also decided to activate the feature.

So the plugin manages to keep the surface always clean and only relevant settings.

Nevertheless, the main settings are partly a bit crowded and also contain rather less essential Options.

It's not really a big deal, but it does affect the interpretation beginner's friendliness a little bit, because inexperienced SEOs have bigger They have difficulty separating the wheat from the chaff.

All in One SEO Pack Support

With the support, the All in One SEO Pack definitely scores. Even though I personally have not yet called the support there are mainly positive statements about it.

Users of the Premium Upgrade from All in One SEO will receive special attention. For them there is a special forum where questions concerning the plugin can be asked.

As a non-payer you can unfortunately only see the questions.

However, those who are not prepared to dig into their wallets can also acquire a large part of the information themselves.

The resources seem to be more... designed for beginners to be.

Looking at the changelog, it can be seen that plugin is regularly fed with updates and constantly improved. This includes the correction of errors and the implementation of new functions.

Not a bad score!

All in One SEO Pack Costs

As you have already read, only some of the functions are free of charge. For more features like support of WooCommerce, a video SEO module and the inclusion in the support forum, the Premium Version can be purchased with the following plans:


The All in One SEO Pack is recommended at least for beginners. The entry into SEO is here User-friendly and made easy.

Even though Rank Math and Yoast offer more functional depth and by and large offer a more complete SEO plugin, All in One SEO is by no means a bad choice and does not lag behind in the core tasks.


The self-proclaimed Swiss Army Knife of the SEO plugins wpSEO follows a unique approach.

The plugin, which was developed in Germany, is ready for use after installation without further configuration. The settings are precisely defined in advance.

However, the SEO plugin for WordPress has two small "disadvantages": To make it as slim and performant as it is, the plugin does without some extras that are standard with Yoast and Co. Secondly, the extension costs a one-time license fee after a 10-day trial period. A free version is not offered. The wpSEO test report can be found here.

wpSEO Features

wpSEO can offer a similar range of basic features as the competition. It does not have any noticeable weaknesses but does not use special functions such as redirections, integration of rich snippets or special functions for local SEO. Nevertheless, the plugin integrates metrics like PageRank and Alexa Rank, which is less known from other plugins.

Even though the plugin does the optimization of your site almost by itself, you can turn the appropriate set screws if necessary. So you are not told how to adjust your SEO settings.

The performance of the plugin can be rated as very good.

With a lean code, wpSEO manages to influence your WordPress page as little as possible.

wpSEO User interface

By simply toggling and the possibility of manual or automatic SEO Configure settings like meta description and title wpSEO collects big plus points in this area.

The plugin is kept slim and clean, which I personally always find very useful. I like it.

Through a healthy mix of automatic optimization (e.g. for sitemaps) and manual input (e.g. meta descriptions) can be displayed in this way create a simple dashboard, which does not overwhelm anybody and only the most important options.

wpSEO Support

Another discipline in which wpSEO can score points.

Especially in the German-speaking countries, the German development team benefit. The support is permanently available via mail also on German and creates transparency through a blog that can be accessed on changes and updates in more detail and explains them.

wpSEO Costs

If there is a hook in wpSEO, you can find it here.

The plugin has no free version and must be purchased if you want to use it.

If you are not sure, you can take advantage of the free trial version.

The good news about this aspect is that wpSEO does not include monthly costs, but has to be purchased as a one-time package. In addition, the price for this one-time purchase is really not bad!

wpSEO Conclusion

Whether for newcomers or veterans, disinterested or passionate SEO, wpSEO is well suited for the masses. Who is ready is to pay a little money and not shy away from a small investment, puts his SEO in good hands here.

It convinced me!

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has long been the most popular WordPress plugin on the market and there are reasons for this.

Over 5 million active installations speak for themselves.

I myself have used it for a long time on many pages.

Yoast Features

As soon as Yoast is installed, you will be informed by the Configuration Wizards welcomed. This not only creates beginner friendliness, but also accelerates for first-time users of all kinds making the most important settings for your WordPress page.

The excellent editing of articles with the help of Yoast SEO Assistant.

Offers perfect opportunities to highlight keywords, important Content and adaptation of the meta description etc.

After all, the basics are part of the most important Google ranking factors

The wizard also includes a readability analysis and a very comprehensive SEO analysis, which thoroughly checks the content of your website.

So if you have been too sparing with your keywords, if you haven't mentioned them often enough in titles, or if your meta description is too short, you can get instant feedback and you can optimize your content so quickly and easily.

Through this action-focused analysis you quickly learn your content with SEO in mind.

Besides these very well implemented basic functions Yoast on major SEO errors.

Yoast SEO also offers a wide range of functions.

Per toggle you can set link counters, sitemaps and SEO analysis on and off. be issued. Also the Connection the search console and social media is possible, although this too has long been to the standard of good all-in one SEO Plugins.

Yoast User interface

The surface is characterized by Minimalism and effectiveness.

Important problems are highlighted to attract the attention of the operator to win.

All in all, everyone quickly gets used to dealing with Yoast. This will be one of the reasons why the plugin is so popular.

Even if it is aesthetically not the most beautiful to look at, Yoast exactly what you ask for - SEO basic settings and much more easily and clearly displayed and released for editing.

Yoast Support

The support for Yoast is definitely one of the best. This is partly due to the strong problem solving and update density and partly due to the in-house SEO blog, who is among the best in the world. Through the existence of this blog Yoast not only helps quite a few people to understand SEO better, but it also provides the perfect basis for questions of all kinds.

Yoast Costs

While the features mentioned so far are free, there are also a premium version at Yoast.

This is characterised by real Added value off. Further features include:

  • more focus keyphrases for even better SEO
  • 24/7 e-mail support
  • Proposals for internal links
  • Local SEO

The cost of Yoast Premium is 80€ per year.

Yoast Conclusion

Yoast is an extremely good SEO plugin that will satisfy veterans and beginners alike. No matter what kind of website you have, plan or maintain, Yoast SEO is a good solution to make your WordPress page SEO ready.

But we have to mention that Yoast SEO is one of the real heavyweights in terms of performance. In contrast to RankMath or the SEO framework, there is much more ballast that is dragged along, which has a noticeable effect on the performance of your site. In our Performance test for SEO plugins we have tested several plugins here.

rank math

Rank Math is called Newcomer at the flagships of the all-in one SEO plugins.

The plugin was launched in early 2019 and has taken many SEO hearts by storm. More than 200,000 active installations are planned for this short time and the already highly frequented market more than respectable!

Rank Math Features

One reason why the plugin is gaining popularity so quickly is certainly the range of features.

Besides the functions of the previous plugins of Yoast and All in One SEO Pack, ...Rank Math is putting in another Shovel on it.

Rank Math also offers an initial configuration wizard, which convinces with effective design and clear layout.

In these 5 points the main technical settings to the sitemap, indexing and links. Also the connection with the Google Search Console can be done here.

Since the plugin is almost bursting with options, here is a selection of the most important ones:

My favourite additions to the basic functions are the 404 monitor (especially for larger pages), the Local SEO module, the Rich Snippet Support and the redirect assistant. In addition, you can determine who has access to these modules. This means that an admin has unrestricted access to all functions, while an author only has selected authorizations that are relevant to him.

Almost all additional functions can be activated or deactivated individually via the dashboard! This is extremely important in order not to "drag along" unnecessary ballast. If I can do without the link to the Google Search Console or don't want to have a 404 Checker, then it will be deactivated. This way the plugin becomes even slimmer and is even better performing!

Another highlight of Rank Math is that settings from previously use plugins with a few clicks have it imported. That leaves few excuses, not on Rank Math to move.

All in one, Rank Math offers everything you could want from an SEO plugin may wish and so much more.

The depth and usefulness of the functions is the foundation for the rapid rise and popularity of the SEO plugin.

rank math User interface

Here too, Rank Math is the absolute top.

The plugin is well structured, looks good and manages to combine a lot of functions without losing ground in design and UX.

The configuration wizard and toggle system is also very user-friendly.

rank math Support

The plugin receives new updates every week and will continue to be "populated" with new features.

The support from Rank Math is just fantastic. I could/must have contacted the support several times already and here I was really supported in a highly professional way. Even the customization and testing of a special function was fixed after a WP user was provided. Top!

In addition, Rank Math also offers an extremely comprehensive knowledge base where many questions and answers on common topics can be researched.

rank math Costs

You wonder what the catch is with all the features and the strong Execution?

Here you will find not him...

Because Rank Math doesn't cost you Cent and also does not provide a paid version for purchase.

Almost too good to be true.

rank math Conclusion

Rank Math is an outstanding SEO plugin which has been used by SEO professionals for many years Fans thrilled. But for beginners, the density of functions could be a bit a lot. In any case, it doesn't hurt to use this plugin to take it apart and use it.

The free nature of the plugin makes it easy to enter the broader world of SEO and is therefore recommended to anyone who wants to get their WordPress page to rank.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework offers a unique approach to optimization. The plugin creates a "blueprint" after you optimize your site.

The SEO Framework Features

The SEO Framework is limited to the most necessary features in the area SEO.

These include:

  • Titles and meta-descriptions
  • SEO Analysis
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Canonical URLs
  • scheme.org

In addition, further features can be added through free or paid Add-Ons can be added. The basic version which comes with the installation is quite slim as a result.

Experienced SEOs may like this, as they have to do a lot of manual work can do some of the "tasks" of an SEO plugin without any help.

For beginners and intermediaries, however, other plugins offer better possibilities.

This is also related to the fact that The SEO Framework is based on a installation wizard as well as the usual wealth of tutorials and far-reaching information articles.

Those who have already gained a lot of experience in this area may welcome the simpler structure that this will bring.

The SEO Framework user interface

By the decision to drop some of the beginner's aids, the surface is simple and manageable. The "few" features certainly contribute to this.

At least the plugin stays true to its line. Core features with slim Design.

This combination leads to fast, easy and target-oriented navigation of the most important SEO features.

The SEO Framework Support

The support of The SEO Framework has to compete me flagships on this level like Rank Math and Yoast.

29 of 48 updates is not bad, no question. But one wishes for a little more love in maintaining the plugin. There seems to be no hotline or something similar, but the questions are eagerly answered on the WordPress page of the plugin.

The SEO Framework Award

Besides the free version, there are versions for 49$, 99$ and 250$. Which unlock more features, monthly API requests and more.

The SEO Framework Conclusion

All in all The SEO Framework is a really good SEO plugin which is focused on basic features and might especially appeal to veterans.

To the disadvantage of The SEO Framework, the market is highly competitive and other Plugins drive in the areas of features, user interface, support and price often a better offer.

Even though the plugin has difficulties in shining, it is a very solid SEO solution for any WordPress website in a vacuum.

Deluck's SEO

Finally, I'd just like to finish off the WordPress SEO Plugin from Delucks mention which should be the German answer to the competition from Yoast and Co. The slim plugin is a bit more performance-friendly and offers similar features.

To anticipate - I don't think that the plugin will prevail in the future. More about this at the end of the short introduction.

TheDeluck SEO Overview

Delucks SEO also offers all the usual functions of an All in One SEO solution. Similar to RankMath, the free version already includes great features such as sitemap creation, canonical URLs or a great "measure editing" mode.

This makes the extension an interesting alternative - especially thanks to the German support. Also included are images, video and Google News Sitemap functions that Yoast does not even offer in the paid premium version, but have to be purchased additionally. With a price of 60 dollars for the premium license, the Delucks plugin is also relatively inexpensive, although this license is only valid for one site and there are no special packages for operators of multiple websites.

As mentioned in the beginning I don't think Delucks SEO will "play a role" for a long time. The number of users is much too low and currently WordPress only has 1000+ active installations. The last update is already 5 months old and there are a measly 15 reviews. Frankly I wouldn't recommend to use it because I personally think the risk of "setting" the plugin would be too high or at least the support like the big players can't be offered.

It's a pity but I can somehow imagine that RankMath was the "nail in the coffin" for Delucks SEO.

Caching plugins for WordPress

By caching data during WordPress cachingthe loading speed of the installation is significantly improved. Such a tool is therefore more or less indispensable, especially since the "all-in-one" solutions mentioned above do not directly offer this option.

WP Super Cache

One of the most popular caching plugins is without doubt WP Super Cache, with over 2 million active installations. Based on the dynamic WordPress Blog, the tool generates static HTML files that have to be processed instead of the much larger WordPress PHP scripts. Unnecessary data transfers and server requests are avoided and access times are reduced.

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

W3 Total Cache

While WP Super Cache is a great tool for beginners thanks to its simplicity, experienced users can choose from a huge pool of settings with the W3 Total Cache plugin. Just like the Super Cache plugin, W3 Total Cache is completely free.

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a so-called freemium plugin. Simply put: There is a free version with all basic features, which can't quite keep up with the competition mentioned above, but more or less does a similar job in terms of performance optimization. However, if you decide to use the premium version of the caching plugin, you will be a few features richer after the one-time payment of 39 $. Included are for example features for image optimization and the Minify HTML Plus feature. On the official website of the plugin there is a clear comparison of the features of the different plugins (this way).

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

WP Rocket

The plugin WP Rocket also does what its competitors WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache do - but in a much more minimalist and slim way. In our WP Rocket Test it has been found that the extension always outputs the cache cleanly, which means that even under the pressure of heavy loads, the cache is economical with resources and produces almost no errors. In addition, WP Rocket - similar to the Premium version of WP Fastest Cache - can do much more!

The integrated Lazy Load function, for example, ensures that images are only loaded on the page when they actually move into the visible area by scrolling.* Mobile Detection also determines whether users are currently accessing the page from a mobile device and then also caches this view. In addition, Gzip Compression and Image Optimization are automatically activated for WP Rocket. However, the available license packages are 39 $, 99 $ and 199 $, depending on the number of websites on which you want to run the plugin. Unfortunately there is no complete free version.

Tip: No matter if it is WP Rocket or other caching plugins. A WordPress page should necessarily work with a caching solution. Of all solutions around the performance optimization of a WordPress page, this is the most effective aspect that has the biggest impact.

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

*Alternative: Crazy Lazy

A stand-alone alternative to the integrated Lazy Load function of WP Rocket is the small but nice (and above all free) plugin Crazy Lazy. Usually, images are loaded automatically when a page is called. This also applies to images that you can't see because you haven't scrolled the page yet. The Plugin ensures that images are only loaded when they are actually needed.

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

WordPress image optimization with SEO tools

A picture is worth a thousand words and so beautiful graphics and photos are simply part of a modern website. But unfortunately such files often influence the performance of the homepage - and not too little. Therefore you should Always optimize images in WordPress. In addition to the file size, the alt and title tags of the images also have an impact on the SEO.

Smush.it or WP Smush

If the image files that have to be loaded when building a website are very large, the loading speed of the page is reduced enormously. And what annoys the user is also bad for the rankings; after all, Google wants to present its users with websites they are completely satisfied with - that is the (main) job of the search engine. The plugin WP Smush, the previously Smush.it was called, compresses each image directly during upload. You can also reduce the size of images uploaded before the extension was installed.

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

Tip: As an alternative to installing such a plugin, you can also optimize images outside your CMS before inserting them into your website. Most image editing programs have a selection option when exporting images, which allows you to explicitly optimize images for the web. In addition, you should always make sure to upload images in the size (the actual size, not the file size) in which they will be displayed. If you upload an image in 2500 x 1000 pixels, even though the display area is only at a maximum width of 720 pixels, the image will be automatically resized, but still loaded in its full size. Such unnecessary ballast is actually not necessary.

The plugin SEO Optimized Images does not take care of compressing the file size, but extends the images with SEO optimized alt and title tags. In no time at all, the plugin completes all photos and graphics according to the settings previously defined in the preferences. Although this can also be done manually in WordPress, it is worth automating this process if you have a lot of pictures. Not to mention old pictures where you might not even know that these attributes are important for SEO.
SEO Optimized Images

☞ HERE go to the plugin!

As an alternative to the plugin, a simple code snippet helps you to set alt and title tags automatically. Learn more about this here.

Other SEO Plugins

WP Scheme            

Structured data, Schema.org, Rich Snippets - such terms should no longer be foreign words for website operators. Simply summarized, these data can be used to mark and structure important information on a website and then communicate more effectively with search engines.

An example would be the opening hours of a restaurant. Using structured data, opening hours are "marked" accordingly and communicated to search engines. So it is also possible that such data is displayed directly in the serps.

WP Schema is a premium plugin which does exactly this job for you.

WP scheme is available in 2 versions. The simple version is available for 79$ per year, while the bundle with several other plugins like ConvertPro or Ultimate Addons for Elementor is available for 249$ per year.

👉 By the way, you can learn more about Schema.org here.

Interlinks Manager

Since the end of 2015, the plugin Interlinks Manager has been on the market. It is distributed exclusively on Envato and was developed by DAEXT. As the name suggests, this plugin is about internal linking.

I openly admit, I am aware of the importance of internal linking to 100%, but still the topic always annoys me a little 😀

Interlinks Manager is designed to help you with internal linking and clearly shows you your individual articles and their incoming internal links. In this way you can also discover articles that have been linked little or not at all. Such orphaned articles can be strengthened and possibly generate new and relevant rankings.

☞ Click here for the plugin*

What are the disadvantages of SEO plugins?

The use of an SEO plugin is in my opinion mandatory for the effective use of a WordPress page. WordPress still has some weaknesses in its basic settings, be it the sometimes completely uncontrolled "content generation" via the archive functions. So the use of an SEO plugin is actually mandatory but is there a catch? What disadvantages can SEO solutions bring with them.

Security vulnerabilities

Of course SEO plugins are not more dangerous perse than other plugins, but it must be mentioned that any plugin can be a potential source of danger regarding the security of your website. Especially the All in One solutions provide extremely extensive functionality and if the plugin developer himself overlooks vulnerabilities, this can have consequences for thousands or even millions of users have.

In the past, even well-known and recognized plugins like Yoast Gaps in their system.

However, this problem is only seldom solved, especially with the big players. see. If you want to be sure, check the regularity with which the plugins be updated.

Even if even a hard-working and dedicated development team can never guarantee the security of the plugin to 100%, you can be sure that appropriate emergencies will at least be responded to in a timely manner.


Performance is an important issue in the context of user satisfaction and therefore also for the rankings of your website.

Actually contradictory when we talk about plugins to improve your ranking.

It is a fact that SEO plugins can often have a significant impact on the performance of WordPress pages due to their extensive functionality.

I just have to mention the famous SEO plugin from Yoast again. Until today this plugin has probably the strongest impact on the performance of pages and demands most "performance" in contrast to e.g. wpSEO, RankMath or the SEO framework.

This circumstance can be especially interesting in times of "traffic peaks" and thus bring a WordPress site to its knees rather than the sometimes much leaner competition.

At this point in time, I don't think there's really a good reason not to rely on RankMath rather than Yoast SEO.

Do I even need an SEO plugin?

If an SEO plugin has deficits for the performance and security of your site, should you even consider getting an SEO plugin?

The answer is a a resounding yes.

The plugins make your SEO job much easier and often combine functions of many plugins in one.

You save time and nerves with these plugins. The disadvantages are negligible, given the wealth of advantages for you and your rankings, I think.

Of course, many aspects can also be implemented with your own code, but the effort would be many times higher.

Now what is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

Honestly, before RankMath came out, I would have argued that every plugin has advantages and disadvantages. Yoast with an extremely good UX and extremely rich feature set. The SEO framework scores with lean code and good performance and wpSEO was somewhere in between - good functionality but still better performance than Yoast.

That now there is an offer coming that mixes up the market is rather rare. In the case of RankMath, however, I believe this is the case for 100%.

RankMath is completely free and thus offers more features than Yoast in the Free version. The code is more modern and slimmer and the SEO plugin scores with top performance. The support of RankMath is exceptional. I've been in the situation myself of having to contact them several times and frankly "I was thrilled" with how extensive and polite the support has been.

At least at this point in time I can say without a guilty conscience that "RankMath" is currently the best all in one SEO plugin for WordPress!

But to cement the reputation as the best SEO plugin, developers need to continue to expend as much energy as they do right now.

The field of SEO plugins is a controversial one, so competitors such as Yoast could always catch up with new updates and changes or try to take the crown. 

Conclusion: the mixture does it

As a WordPress user, there is no way around an "all-in-one solution" (put in quotation marks because the term all-in-one is actually not quite appropriate) if you want to generate concise and easily readable content. Which variant you choose is a little matter of taste and perhaps also depends on your financial leeway.

Your basic SEO tool set should be supplemented by a good caching plugin as well as a tool for compressing the image files if you don't want to solve this externally or if you have already covered it with another plugin like WP Rocket. Tools like SEO Optimized Images for the automatic generation of alt and title tags are of course not mandatory, since you can do this manually, but in some situations they are quite helpful.

In addition: If you want to cover many functions with a few plugins, you have to spend money. Fortunately, there are stand-alone solutions for almost every function.

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