Presenting data in a structured and stylish way - of course, this is also possible with WordPress. By nature the means are very limited, but with the help of a suitable extension the presentation of tables with WordPress becomes a child's play. As so often, there are various plugins, which differ quite a lot in function and price. Therefore we present you the 10 best table plugins for WordPress, summarized in one article.

WordPress: Why tables at all?

Basically, there are various reasons for displaying tables within a WP page. Whenever there is a lot of data and you want to present it in a well structured way, there is virtually no way around a table.

Tables are also useful if it should be left up to the visitors of the site themselves how the data is sorted. This is especially useful for comparisons - users often have their own preferences here, which may differ from the operator of the site. The operator simply provides a standard view and the visitor then picks the most suitable sort order.

Tables with WordPress are not only a simple representation of data, because they can also be spiced up with various functions - if desired, of course. In some cases, a search function is useful if the amount of data becomes too confusing. Depending on the type of content, colour coding or preview images can also make sense.

Which plugin is the best?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say in general which plugin is the best for each purpose. The requirements are simply too different. Last but not least it can also be a question of money. Some plugins are free of charge in the basic version, but they are expensive if you want more. Others cost a medium double-digit amount right at the beginning. But it is also clear that in many cases there are free alternatives.

In the following we present the 10 best plugins to make tables with WordPress look nice and easy. There really should be something for every purpose.


One of the best known plugins for tables is the free TablePress by Tobias Bäthge, which has been in development for many years and has become more and more extensive over time. It is also available in German language and can be found in the plugin directory of WP with best ratings.

Tables can be created with TablePress either created by hand or imported directly from an existing data source. Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON files are accepted. After the import, a table is automatically created from the data, which is then inserted into the desired page or article by short code. Automatically created tables can also be adjusted manually later.

The columns can be sorted by default and a search function is also available. The plugin itself is available for free - and in most cases the Premium Addons is not needed either. If you do, a donation to the developer will suffice.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables also offers many functions and is available in a free version available. The focus here is a little more on the design. Created tables can also be provided with download buttons in the frontend if required. This gives visitors the opportunity to download the data basis of the table as a .CSV file. Also a print view will surely please some users.

Individual cells of the table can also be expanded to display further information if required. In addition, there are extensive filter functions and a possibility to search the table for individual data points.

If you have reached the limits of the free version of Ninja Tables, you should check out the Premium version which is available from 49 US dollars. Among other things there is an integration of WooCommerce, the popular shop plugin for WordPress. Google Sheets tables can also be integrated with the premium version of Ninja Tables.

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables goes a slightly different way than the plugins presented so far, because here a lot of emphasis is placed on responsive design. Depending on the size of the user's screen, the display adapts automatically - which is not always easy, especially with larger tables. So if you primarily focus on the mobile market, you should take a closer look at the plugin.

As the name already suggests, the plugin CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables especially for the possibility to compare prices quickly. It is not to be understood as an all-encompassing copy of Excel, but serves a very specific purpose. The plugin is available at CodeCanyon with a regular license for 20 US dollars.

Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables goes exactly the opposite way compared to CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables - because here Excel was the model. Accordingly, there are functions that automatically calculate the sum by adding several cells or rows together. Several tables can be arranged in tabs next to each other to save space and accommodate as much different data as possible. The tabs are designed to be responsive.

The comparison with Excel also fits when entering data: The editor of Advanced Tables is reminiscent of Microsoft's spreadsheet. If you know how to use it, you will have no problems with this WP plugin.

Advanced Tables is only available in a paid version. CodeCanyon offers the plugin for WordPress for sale from 21 US dollars.

WP Table Builder

The WordPress plugin WP Table Builder is much cheaper - for exactly 0 Euro. It is one of the more recent additions to our list, but is already worth a look. The focus here is on the simple creation of tables by drag'n'drop.

WP Table Builder provides texts, images, list buttons and star ratings as elements. Depending on the area of application, these options are already sufficient to create fancy tables. Changes to the table design can also be made very easily. However, there is no import of existing data.

WP Table Builder is available in the plugin directory of WordPress.


wpDataTables is one of the most comprehensive and powerful plugins for WordPress when it comes to displaying and visualizing data. Even the free version is sufficient in many cases. Data can be imported here from various sources. CSV, XML, JSON and XLS are supported.

If you have to deal with particularly large amounts of data, you should take a look at the premium version of wpDataTables. Here you also have the possibility to tap MySQL databases directly. So if the data is already in such a database and just needs to be "extracted", there is hardly a more comfortable way than wpDataTables.

The Premium version of the plugin is available from 59 US dollars. There is an additional one year of free support.

League Table

League Table also has nothing to hide, but can also be a bit too much of a good thing due to its sheer size. With 105 options per table, 17 options per cell, 13 general options, a spreadsheet editor to edit the data and a comprehensive sorting system, you can create basically any kind of table - you just have to want it.

League Table is available at CodeCanyon from 23 US dollars, integrated is a support over six months, which can be extended again by six months for a few dollars.

Ultimate Tables

In contrast to League Table, Ultimate Tables is clearly simple in design - but still has many functions that are certainly sufficient for everyday use. It is basically a simple variant of TablePress, but it does not allow the import of data sources. This means that tables have to be created manually, which is certainly not the biggest problem for smaller data sets.

Ultimate Tables is available for free in the plugin directory of WordPress. There is no premium version of Ultimate Tables.

Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator is much more comprehensive. Among other things, the plugin allows you to edit data directly in the frontend and save it immediately. This eliminates the sometimes annoying editing in the backend area of the WP installation.

Data Tables Generator can compile data from various sources and even apply Excel formulas. An export as CSV or PDF for the visitors of the site is also integrated. In addition, products created with WooCommerce can be easily displayed in a table.

The free variant of Data Tables Generator already offers many features, but the Premium version really has it in him and leaves nothing to be desired. If you only want to use it on one domain, you have to pay 39 US dollars. Unlimited use is 149 US dollars.

Posts Table with Search & Sort

Finally, a quick look at Posts Table with Search & Sort. The free WP-plugin offers sortable and searchable tables, which are opened by lazyload only when needed. In addition, the plugin is compatible with WPML, which means that it can be used very well on websites that rely on multiple languages. This is not the case with all table plugins.

If you want more than the free version offers, you can take a look at the premium version, which allows the integration of WordPress media and drop-down menus. Here, 59 euros are charged for one page.

Conclusion: The 10 best table plugins for WordPress

There are many table plugins for WordPress, but depending on the application area, many of them fall out at first glance. TablePress, in contrast, is considered a kind of all-rounder. If you want to display a lot of data in a WP page, you should take a closer look at the extensive wpDataTables or Data Tables Generator.

If the focus is on creating tables comfortably - and not on importing existing data - then WP Table Builder or Ninja Tables is probably the best choice.

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