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Top 100 error pages of WordPress

The WordPress security company Wordfence has recently analyzed 26,140,811 error pages within 30,000 websites, resulting in 13,549,207 URLs As a result, a list of the top 100 error pages of WordPress was created, which is certainly of interest.

One reason for this is that the list also allows me to check and control my own website more closely. On the other hand, every URL is explained, whereby important notes are marked red. For example, that many error pages are caused by hackers and why this is exactly the way it is or how the attack works.

By the way, the biggest problem seems to be "/apple-touch-icon.png" because the missing graph seems to have been the cause of most problems during the analysis. The list you might want to take a closer look, just like the associated article. Very interesting and also good for self-analysis.

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