In the field of SEO, we classically distinguish between the 2 major areas, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO.

In today's article, I would like to briefly introduce the topic of Offpage SEO and explain what work it involves.

Offpage SEO basically describes all work that takes place "offside" of a website, so to speak.

Many are of the opinion that this then actually only describes the work of "link building", but offpage SEO also includes a variety of other work and measures.

Examples are e.g. content marketing, social media marketing or the development of a brand.

In any case, it just describes work that does not take place on your own website, such as content creation or even building an internal linking.

What are the offpage SEO techniques?

At this point I would like to introduce various offpage SEO techniques and describe them briefly.

Offpage SEO measure - link building

Even though the importance of backlinks is now not as important as it was a few years ago, it is still part of an important and effective strategy.

The quality of the backlinks is important.

While years ago virtually every link was taken with a "kiss hand" or even automatic tools were used that were able to build thousands of links from sources such as social bookmarks, forums, profiles, etc., this should definitely no longer be done today.

In fact, low-quality backlinks can also have a negative impact on the development and rankings of your website.

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting links.

  • Authority of the linking website - basically this means how qualitative and reputable Google considers the respective website. Simply said - a backlink from has of course a completely different quality than just a link from a small unknown blog.

Aspects like traffic, quality of the content, age of the domain but also e.g. the own backlink profile have a corresponding effect on this factor.

  • Unique Domains / Domain Pop - a healthy link profile should have different and unique link sources. This means that it makes little sense to set from a domain - 1000 individual backlinks to a target page.

This can even act as a negative factor. A good or bad example here are footer links. If I have set a link in a footer of a page and this page has 10,000 subpages, so I have quasi 10,000 individual backlinks.

  • Thematic relevance of the linking source - basically, you should make sure to link from thematically similar websites/sources when link building. For example, if I create a backlink to a page for shoes, then a blog that basically deals with the topic of shoes would of course be much more appropriate and logical than if I receive a link from a website that deals with the topic of cooking.

The structure of quality backlinks is still one of the most effective and important offpage SEO strategies in my opinion.

Offpage SEO measure - content marketing

Content marketing basically describes with the creation and appropriate publication of content. This can be simple texts, PR articles, infographics, surveys, e-books, etc..

Basically, the idea behind content marketing is to draw people to your website or product/offer through interesting content.

Thereby, a backlink does not have to be set in every case. The pure mention can also already provide for appropriate attention.

Offpage SEO - Brand Building

In my opinion, building or developing a brand/brand name is one of the most difficult and costly measures.

The aim is to make a brand name known through a wide variety of measures and thus ensure that people know what product or what offer is hidden behind the name alone.

A strong brand is also synonymous with a strong authority, which in turn automatically ensures appropriate attention on the web.

A simple example "BMW" - everyone knows what is behind this name and also Google I do not need to explain separately that BMW is a car brand.

Exciting in connection with brand building is also the fact that important search terms can be assigned to the brand.

For example, the term "e-car manufacturer" is always associated with a brand like Tesla, or "headache tablets" with the product "Aspirin".

Offpage SEO measure - Local SEO

Local SEO is also a separate offpage SEO measure. Specifically, it is about the optimization in the local area.

Example: Lawyer Hamburg.

In order to optimize locally, on the one hand, a corresponding content optimization is mandatory. Furthermore, this also includes things like the creation and maintenance of a Google Business Account or the creation of appropriate company and business directory entries.

Offpage SEO Measure - Social Media

Even today, Google still claims that references and links from social media sources have no direct influence on the rankings of websites.

Basically, however, they offer a great option to bring additional traffic to your own website.

Furthermore, we come back to the topic of "brand building" - strong social media channels with corresponding activities also show Google quite clearly how well-known or not well-known a brand or product is.

Offpage SEO Measure - Forums and Question Answer Portals

Furthermore a very popular measure in the area of Offpage SEO is the use of forums and also question/answer portals.

Corresponding mentions can on the one hand of course provide backlinks and on the other hand, highly frequented sources can also provide decent traffic. Also the possibility to act very topic-specific, makes this method a very effective measure.

Offpage SEO measure - guest article

Even though Google never tires of mentioning that guest articles including corresponding dofollow links is not a welcome strategy, guest articles are also part of an effective offpage SEO strategy.

Simply said, as a website operator you contact other portals and websites and ask for a guest article.

The portal receives in such a way new and presumably free content and the web page operator in return of a mention of the own product/service + possibly also an appropriate linking and thus a Backlink.

Offpage SEO Measure - Podcast and Video

As a final measure, podcasts and videos should of course not be forgotten.

A large audience can be reached via good and interesting podcasts, theoretically ensuring an extremely high level of traffic and attention.

The same goes for a strong Youtube or Vimeo account.

Compared to the other measures, a successful podcast or even a highly frequented video channel requires considerable effort.

Offpage SEO - effective and important in search engine optimization

Offpage SEO is multifaceted and now describes much more than pure link building.

A healthy mix of different measures will ensure that the visibility of your website develops positively.

Regardless of the importance of Offpage SEO, I would like to mention that without good Onpage SEO, many measures are ineffective or at least much less effective.

For you, this means that the first step must be a website that provides good and high-quality content and is technically and structurally optimal.

If this is followed by well implemented off-page SEO measures, there is nothing more to prevent the success of your site.

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