WordPress is and remains with over 30% market share the most popular CMS in the world for the implementation and realization of websites. In direct comparison among CMS systems, the market share is even over 60%.

Meanwhile, there are hosting providers that have specialized exclusively in WordPress hosting, but also the "big ones" on the market have of course discovered the great potential and therefore offer specialized hosting packages tailored to the specific requirements of WordPress and offer the user optimally helpful functions that facilitate the use of the CMS.

In today's "short test" we would like to go into the new offer of Strato, who now also offer a pure WordPress hosting. Have fun reading.

On the Strato website the hosting section has now been directly extended with the item "WordPress" and can be accessed directly next to the standard hosting packages. The prices start at 4€ per month for the Starter Package and are at 20€ per month for the Pro Package.

strato-wordpress packages

How do the individual packages differ?

At first sight we see here the "normal" overview of services that we are used to with the larger hosters.

Already in the starter tariff 3 domains are included, there is a sufficient email memory and with 25GB web space one should get along basically also once well.

Also from the package Starter on, functions such as "Auto Updates and Backups" are included, which clearly shows the focus on WordPress. Starting with the Basic tariff, you get advanced options for more security regarding WordPress and also an option to create a test environment.

Interesting to know

In the Pro package, the customer also receives "web statistics" which can of course be an interesting option in times of data protection and the necessary critical examination of Google Analytics.

Strato advertises its own WordPress packages with an optimized possibility to select themes. This is surely interesting for the absolute beginner, because it can make the entrance into the first WordPress page easier.

Basically this is also possible within a WordPress installation.

The installation process of WordPress

Meanwhile all hosters offer the possibility to install WordPress easily and quickly with the click of a button using the appropriate installation functions and apps. The "good old manual installation" is therefore actually no longer necessary.

But in the WordPress packages from Strato there is a little bit more choice during the WordPress installation.

On the one hand, you can choose between a "flexibility mode" and a security mode.

Selection of flex or safety mode

Especially for inexperienced users the security mode can be the better option, because nothing is more dangerous than a WordPress website with plugins that are not up to date.

WordPress security with Strato WordPress

Here it becomes clear for the first time that Strato WordPress Hosting is already a little more specialized in the requirements of the CMS.

With the security settings some "weak points" of WordPress can be optimized with a click.

That includes:

  1. Restriction of login attempts
  2. Rename login URL from /wp-admin
  3. Hide the currently used WordPress version

Of course, experienced WordPress users know that this is no guarantee that your website is 100% safe - but at least it's a start.


Security settings with one click

Good to know!

Regardless of the fact that you should always keep your WordPress version and also your plugins up2date, I recommend the use of WordPress Firewall. 

WordPress Staging at Strato

Here I must say that I think that the Strato WordPress Hosting lives up to its name.

In order to be able to update a plugin or theme without having to worry about it, a test environment can be an extremely helpful option.

In the corresponding area you can create a "staging environment" by clicking on it - make the appropriate changes here and if everything fits, import it into your live page.


Try out changes risk-free with a test environment

Conclusion about Strato WordPress Hosting

With WordPress Hosting Strato now offers a specialized hosting solution for the well-known CMS.

Concerning the pure server configuration, Strato as well as other large providers apparently do not follow a specialized path that adapts and optimizes the technical requirements especially for WordPress.

Instead of relying on MySQL or even offering a caching system by default, there are some options.

But here one must say in a fair way that there are exactly for this purpose the 100% providers specialized in WordPress.

Absolutely positive to mention are functions such as those offered for security or the integrated staging interface.

Also the option to perform updates and backups fully automatically can be extremely helpful, especially for inexperienced users.


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