WordPress VIP customers pay up to $5,000 a monthto get the all-inclusive package from Automattic. This includes hosting, 24 hour support, security and speed tweaks, and much more. Actually, as a normal user, you would think that only a few customers use the VIP service, but the opposite seems to be the case.

In a new and very nice Statistics about WordPress VIPAutomattic presents some very interesting numbers. VIP customers generate no less than 2,441,299,137 page views per month. If you compare that to the 14,512,740,573 page impressions of all WordPress.com pages, comes to almost 17 percent. So 17 percent of traffic is generated by VIP customers.

The statistics also reveal some other interesting facts. For example, the service has an uptime of 99.9722 percent, meaning that it has only been offline for 20 minutes in the last 30 days. Also the response time is revealed, which is only 304ms on average.

In the end, what is most interesting is how Automattic's VIP service grows and grows. It may not yet be the company's biggest source of income, but it shows how much professional users also want professional support. Among other things, this has also WP Engine brought so far forwardas well as other web hosters specialized in WordPress. In Germany, there is unfortunately no one who offers fast and customized WordPress hosting.

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